Love Machine

Designed by: Window Stories by Malwa
For client: Lukullus Floor area: 1.28 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Window Display of the Year

Public Score
4.43 Function
4.48 Innovation
4.61 Creativity
06 Bkolory
© Maria Miklaszewska

The second reveal of the "Love Machine" on Chmielna street. Curtain is the part of the interior and closes after opening hours. We decided to leave the patisserie's original white curtain in order to enhance the pink colour and therefore make the letter a

About the Project

Window Story: Although it may be hard to express emotions in writing, history holds some of the most beautiful love letters and testimonies in the world. Through words we are able to express our secrets and true longings of our hearts. Using a typewriter, we transform a blank piece of paper into a fervent letter. This is the true love machine.

The design is composed of a typewriter and a love letter in a fluorescent pink colour, which meanders throughout the window display. The typewriter sits on a pile of white A4 papers, which in turn was simply placed on the window ledge. The text on the letter is a monologue taken from Sarah Kane’s "Crave", that is typed throughout the whole length. Using this text was a suggestion by the client, who considers it one of the most beautiful texts about love in the modern history.

Typewriter in Polish means "machine to type" that's why we named our project "Love Machine".

Materials used in the project: vintage typewriter from eBay, pile of plain paper and thin aluminum tape cover with printed letter.

What’s unique about it

Our window display wins with its moving idea. Viewers have a strong reaction to it, even though it is realised in a simple way. From afar, the window display lures with its beauty, the long fluorescent pink letter echos an oversize „ribbon“ which attracts the viewers’ attention through its graceful rhythm of swirls. Looking at it closely, one decodes the text of the letter: the monologue from Sarah Kane’s "Crave".

The passers-by would stop to look at the window display for a few minutes and followed the swirls of the letter to read the text in full. We deserve to win as we managed to draw the attention of hundreds of people and let them feel a thrill and reflect on love in a beautiful way. “Genius”, “Oh how surprising!”, “It’s poetry”, “Piece of art”, “Great idea”, “A-M-A-Z-I-N-G”, “The most beautiful” - these were just a few comments from the audience. Our project is dominated by emotions that have more power than the product itself. For me, designing window displays is, above all, emotions and beautiful stories.

The ‘Love Machine’ window display was covered by one of Poland’s major broadsheets, which has also personally moved the journalist and stole his heart. As we said - it's truly a Love Machine.

11 B
© Maria Miklaszewska

The letter finishes outside the window.

10 C
© Maria Miklaszewska

"Love Machine" on Mokotowska street in full splendor. The patisserie window is open to the interior (like most storefronts in Warsaw due to the urban history of the city), and therefore the letter could have been read from the inside as well.

09 B
© Maria Miklaszewska

Love letter in a fluorescent pink colour, which meanders throughout the window display.

08 B
© Maria Miklaszewska

Using a typewriter, we transform a blank piece of paper into a fervent letter.

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Window Stories by Malwa

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