Jury prize

Ceresio 7, Milan

Designed by: Storage Associati
For client: Dsquared2 Floor area: 1600.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Awarded: Health Club of the Year Jury

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Gym-spa changing area: on the shelves custom made dispensers for the body lotion

About the Project

Continuing the brand’s expansion beyond high-end retail, Dsquared2’s headquarters in Milan saw the addition of a luxury spa and gym. It was the latest stage of an overarching restoration of the Milan historical Enel building. Spa and gym occupy three lower levels, one of which is underground. Guests discover a grown-up air of opulent simplicity that harks back to the 1930s heyday of the building and espouses a fuss-free approach to health and fitness.

Instead of the lurid colours and plastics so familiar to the patrons of contemporary gyms, Storage Associati’s design has the pared-back brutalist look of a space that’s been reduced to the bare essentials. All the mechanical systems were hidden and relied on materials to achieve a sense of elegance. All non-loadbearing walls were removed from the cavernous gym area, which is dominated by Ceppo Lombardo stone. Flooring is made of black sprung rubber. The muted palette continues in teal-tinted glass, as well as in window and door frames in black-painted steel.

Much of the gym equipment was supplied by Italian wellness giant Technogym; bespoke pieces range from wooden Olympic rings to bodyweight setups. Expensive details in brass and hand-dyed okumè wood are complemented by basic materials such as raw concrete.

What’s unique about it

The spa may have a timeless aesthetic, but the designers were at pains to emphasize that it’s part of a more egalitarian project. Storage Associati’s project moves from the idea that ‘it’s open to anyone who wants to be a member’ and that it’s meant ‘to feel open to the city and to the world’. They didn’t aim for the ‘exclusivity that you often see when brands make these kinds of spaces’.

As well as the main gym floor and spa area, members have access to various treatment rooms, saunas, hammams and classes that range from barre and calisthenics to anti-gravity weightlifting and yoga. Consumers have a growing desire to care for themselves in a holistic manner, which includes both physical and mental health. It’s a status thing, too; people who want to be perceived as caring about their bodies invest in transformative services.’

Dsquared2’s wellness centre is a clear investment in a future that combines looking good with feeling good. All the furniture elements inside this area are custom made: every single lamp, desk, bench, chair, and fitness equipment is unique, designed and tailor-made for this project.

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© Helenio Barbetta (all the pictures)

Gym-spa entrance

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Functional training area: behind the sliding panels on the left there is the pilates studio

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Private training area

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Changing area: lockers with combination closure

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Spa brass gate

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Pool entrance

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Pool area with green windows

Location of project:
Storage Associati

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