Future Energy, Astana World Expo 2017

Designed by: Kunzberg
For client: Sembol Construction Floor area: 10000.00 M² Year of completion: 2017

171115 Lifegame
© Andreas Keller

In Touch to Nature. A 16-meter LED wall with motion-tracking technology turns biomass conversion practices into a fun-filled experience for everyone. As the visitors get close to the LED, creatures living in the forest welcome them, and lead them through the space.

About the Project

The exhibition is designed to entertain, educate and inspire World Expo 2017 visitors with the latest innovations in renewable energy technology in order to highlight the need for a swift global energy revolution. In roughly 10,000 sq-m with around 40 exhibits, visitors from all backgrounds will experience solar, wind, biomass, and kinetics as sustainable energy sources of the future.

Kunzberg developed and produced a number of interactive games based on digital technologies that explain scientifically complex concepts in an entertaining and easily digestible way. Some examples include nuclear fusion, biomass conversion, solar energy for the mobility of the future, and kinetic principles.

What’s unique about it

Future energy and sustainability are complex topics. By using digital technologies, Kunzberg made solar, wind, biomass and kinetic energy playfully approachable to all age groups. New digital technologies have been used for the Kinetic Energy Games, Cycle Challenge, In Touch to Nature, Wind Tunnel, Solar Energy Explainer, Nuclear Fusion Game and Solar Vehicle Race.

171115 Cycle Challenge
© Andreas Keller

Cycle Challenge. Bike riding creates kinetic energy! Two teams located in an immersive LED stage compete during a 3-leg-ride through the landscapes of Kazakhstan and Astana. The team that creates the most energy wins.

171115 Interactive Floor
© Andreas Keller

Kinetic Energy Games. Three games with varying degrees of difficulty are played using the kinetic energy of the visitors on an interactive floor. Their weight and movement is translated into game moves that are visualized on the LED screens in front of them.

171115 Nuclear Fusion Game
© Andreas Keller

Nuclear Fusion Game. Even complex topics like nuclear fusion are easy to understand and fun to learn. On a two-meter circular touch table projected with an interactive playing field, the visitors learn what nuclear fusion is and how it works.

171115 Solargame
© Andreas Keller

Solar Vehicle Race. Cars racing on sunshine? Up to 2x5 visitors in a team effort can try it out first-hand. Steering light by means of mirrors sets the speed of the racing cars.

171115 Reliefglobe
© Andreas Keller

Solar Energy Explainer. The slowly rotating model shows the Earth in relief - with a diameter of 2.5 meters - and is textured with original satellite footage by means of a simultaneously rotating real-time projection mapping technique.

171115 Collage
© Andreas Keller

Wind Tunnel. Inside of a walk-in Beaufort scale simulator visitors experience wind gusts of 3, 5, and 7. Additionally, the visitors are given the opportunity to take a picture of themselves within the wind tunnel.

The video conveys an overall impression of the exhibition.

Location of project:
Sembol Construction

Neumann & Müller

Realtime Department

ACHT Frankfurt

Owi Mahn

Stephan Windischmann

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