Lokal, London Design Festival 2017

Designed by: Space10 and Spacon & X
For client: Space10 Floor area: 40.00 M² Year of completion: 2017

Lokal Photo Rory Gardiner 1
© Rory Gardiner

About the Project

Space10 prototypes a new food concept during the London Design Festival.

Lokal is a prototype of a salad bar in which ingredients are grown indoors, locally and vertically, using a hydroponic farming system - creating the perfect spring day, every day. Lokal is a fresh approach to food - serving delicious ingredients, right where they’re grown. Because the closer the better, both for people and the planet.

Hydroponic farming allows plants to grow up to three times faster than in fields, using 90 percent less water. This method produces much less spoilage and can be done locally, making it much more sustainable when powered by renewable energy sources.

Lokal could help develop a new, local supply chain—one that enables us to grow more food within our cities, and food that tastes great and is more nutritious, healthy and fresh all year round.

The purpose of the prototype during the London Design Festival was to test how Londoners felt about food grown hydroponically and, more importantly, whether they liked the taste of the microgreens. The results showed a strong support to the Lokal concept as well as the taste of this super fresh, new type of nutritious food.

What’s unique about it

Mankind has developed an astonishing food production system. It is now possible to secure loads of inexpensive food everyday, by producing food on a massive scale far away. But this cheap food comes with an additional cost.

The food production system is one of the most crucial drivers of climate change; it is a critical user of the dwindling supplies of fresh water, the process compromises the nutritional value of food severely and a third of the food produced goes to waste due to spoilage and overproduction. There is simply a need to find smarter and more efficient ways to produce food - especially because the UN estimates that 70 percent more food will be needed within the next 35 years.

Lokal offers people a taste of a future - showcasing a delicious alternative by bridging biology; engineering and design to reduce food miles, the pressure on the environment; set new culinary standards around nutrients, flavours and freshness; and introducing how food of the highest quality can be produced in a way that tastes better and stays close to home. Within cities and as part of people's lives.

Lokal Photo Rory Gardiner 7
© Rory Gardiner
Lokal Photo Rory Gardiner 4
© Rory Gardiner
Lokal Photo Rory Gardiner 2
© Rory Gardiner
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Lokal Photo Rory Gardiner 6
© Rory Gardiner

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