Jury prize

Tabegami Sama, Tokyo

Designed by: Moment Factory
For client: Tabegami Sama Production Committee Floor area: 603.00 M² Year of completion: 2017

D8 A4575 Ws

About the Project

This immersive exploration of Japanese culture was the perfect beginning to a budding collaboration between Moment Factory and Sony Music Communications Japan aiming to innovate across cultures and beyond borders. Through this partnership, Moment Factory was commissioned by the Tabegami Sama Production Committee to create four immersive installations that prepare visitors for a remarkable culinary experience, which tells the important story of traditional, seasonal and local cuisine known as washoku.

As visitors enter, they pass through a darkened and immersive space. Following Kitsune the fox through a stylized, projected landscape, visitors interactively discover seasonal ingredients. They encounter the Four Ways, which evokes the cooking processes of grilling, simmering, broiling and steaming; the Sanctuary, where dashi, fermentation and sake-making are discovered; and the finale, a tactile and interactive rediscovery of rice and its landscape — the most elemental ingredient of Japanese cuisine. What followed is a meal to be remembered, crafted by some of Japan’s most celebrated chefs.

This project is a humbling and amazing experience where guests learn about Japan’s profound culinary heritage.

What’s unique about it

Together with Sony, Kirinzi and Prism, Moment Factory collaborated on the storytelling, the visitor experience, the content, the scenography as well as the interactive elements of the exhibit.

The exhibition focuses on Japanese food culture in an artistic, playful, educative and entertaining way. “The Mysterious Restaurant of the Food God” features four digital installations created and produced by Moment Factory and adapted to the given environment. The interactive experience takes visitors on a journey across three main sections, leading the audience to their final culinary destination - the ephemeral restaurant. The result is a poetic interpretation of Japanese legends that have a strong relationship to the Japanese food culture.

D8 A0035 Ws
D8 A4391 Ws
D8 A4420 Ws
D8 A4562 Ws
D8 A4589 Ws
D8 A4612 Ws
D8 A4623 Ws
D8 A4742 Ws
D8 A4815 Ws

Moment Factory takes visitors on an immersive journey through Japan’s culinary tradition

Moment Factory

Sony Music Communications Japan

Tabegami Sama Production Committee

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