Hidden Rooms

Designed by: Elisa Ossino
For client: Salvatori Floor area: 400.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Single-Brand Store of the Year

Public Score
5.89 Function
5.79 Innovation
5.98 Creativity
Salvatori Showroom Milano 2019 08
© Matteo Piazza

About the Project

We tasked architect and designer Elisa Ossino with totally overhauling and reimagining our flagship store in the Brera district of Milan.

Removing all possible existing internal structures, she completely reconfigured the entire 400-square metre space, creating a series of immersive rooms. From the moment visitors arrive at the entrance they are drawn into a near-surreal fantasy world of geometric shapes and peeps into striking, dramatic mises-en-scène which create a voyeuristic viewing experience.

‘Hidden Rooms’ leads visitors through a journey of “chambers of optical illusions”, pushing the expressive potential of natural stone to new heights.

In the words of Elisa Ossino: “I think it surprises many people. We played a lot with mirrors and reflections, which people really enjoy, especially on Instagram, though it was quite a technical challenge to align everything perfectly.”

What’s unique about it

The initial project stemmed from the challenge of driving foot traffic to our showroom during the 2019 Milan Design Fair. The showroom is based in a courtyard which attracts its fair share of visitors, but we needed to entice them to take the time out of their packed schedules to choose us. A further challenge was the fact that at ground floor level we have a tiny space, and visitors must ascend a narrow staircase to arrive at the main showcase. We also knew that there would be long queues due to the registration process, and we wanted to give people a reason to wait in line, rather than walk away.

We decided to transform it being a mere showroom into an immersive theatrical experience which creates a series of wow moments without ever losing sight of the fact that it is our products which are the heroes. We were able to create this without relying on props or special effects. Instead, only our own products, outstanding design, technical know-how and extraordinary imagination were used.

Our tiny ground floor entrance became a compelling appetiser which convinced visitors to queue. Once upstairs, the mises-en-scène which greeted visitors ensured they not only fell in love with the products themselves, but also shared images of the sets on social media, generating further foot traffic.

We believe we’ve created a genuinely beautiful and unique space which helps visitors fall in love with our products and is consistent with our brand philosophy of innovative, luxurious design.

Salvatori Showroom Milano 2019 01
© Matteo Piazza

The entrance to the showroom - this is a tiny space on the ground floor at the foot of a narrow flight of stairs which leads to the main showroom area.

Salvatori Showroom Milano 2019 02
© Matteo Piazza
Salvatori Showroom Milano 2019 03
© Matteo Piazza
Salvatori Showroom Milano 2019 04
© Matteo Piazza
Salvatori Showroom Milano 2019 05
© Matteo Piazza

The so-called “Infinity Room” occupies just 5 square metres but punches way above its belt when it comes to “wow factor”. What you can do in a tiny space using lighting, mirrors and imagination…

Salvatori Showroom Milano 2019 06
© Matteo Piazza
Salvatori Showroom Milano 2019 07
© Matteo Piazza
Salvatori Showroom Milano 2019 09
© Matteo Piazza
Elisa Ossino

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