Ink Play, Taipei

Designed by: Lien-Wu, Chen
For client: Mr.Hsieh Floor area: 184.97 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Large Apartment of the Year



About the Project

Ink Play

Yuan artist Wu Zhen wrote in Theory of Painting, “For literati, the game of ink is another hobby of spontaneity aside from poetry.” After Song dynasty, black ink instead of color dominated calligraphy and painting to form a singular language that is at times intense, at times light. This genre of free-style painting is call “moxi” or ink play.

This project starts out with an uninhibited stroke to enliven a literati spirit and mood whereby the ink delivers quiet dynamism while leaving swift streaks as if dabbed by a dry brush on the glass partition. The elegant hue in the ceiling reveals a washing effect and the cabinet wall is accentuated by dense layers of cun strokes.

The strokes “twist” on the marble, “lift-up and press” in the barred partitions, “turn” in the ceiling lamp… the six techniques of calligraphy continuously alternate with each other to create myriad details for the space. Here, the space becomes the paper, on which forms dissolve into imageries, writing turns into play. The art expands and retracts effortlessly like the vivid charm, rhythm and harmony of nature. As for the light and shadow floating in the space, they are ink in water that dance or lark in the corners of the house. Like ink play, every line, every stroke delineates the owner’s unique persona.

What’s unique about it

This project is characterized by its surface of cabinet, which is combining laser cutting and hand-sculpting techniques of Taiwan's local masters to reproduce the effects of oil-colored stacking.

The ceiling is cooperating with the artist for reappearing the unique Chinese works of ink art. In addition, the proportion of the art through the layered screen at the foyer acts as the flow of light

This case must not only convey the basic elements of ancient Chinese calligraphy and painting, but also be able to integrate into modern life styles.


Living room




Living room


Living room


Dining room


Dining room




Living room


Master Bedroom

Location of project:
Lien-Wu, Chen

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