Issey Miyake S/S 2018, Tokyo

Designed by: we+
For client: ISSEY MIYAKE Floor area: 8.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Window Display of the Year

Public Score
5.24 Function
5.39 Innovation
5.47 Creativity
Issey Miyake 1

70 special textile strips expand and shrink vertically by motors.

About the Project

we+ has designed a window installation for ISSEY MIYAKE SPRING SUMMER 2018 collection which was featured at Matsuya Ginza in Tokyo.
Shrunk into a three-dimensional form, Steam Stretch* fabric is flattened out in the printing process, which is an original material of ISSEY MIYAKE. Strips of this are stretched vertically, to reveal hints of the base fabric color overflow from the shadow of the folds, creating a beautiful visual effect. The installation focuses on this feature of the textile.

The source of inspiration for the ISSEY MIYAKE SPRING SUMMER 2018 collection is the rich nature of Iceland. The colors have been selected from a printed series of its landscape. By hanging 70 textile strips in the window and controlling them with a motor to make them vertically expand and shrink, sometimes in unison, sometimes randomly, a space like a living creature breathing in a forest is recreated.

*Steam Stretch is a technique by which creases are woven into A Piece of Cloth using heat reactive thread which shrinks when steam is applied to the garment.

What’s unique about it

Our aim was to arouse people’s interest in ISSEY MIYAKE’s clothes by paradoxically expanding the possibility of the fabric outside of clothes. We finally found a unique way of showing a different aspect of the fabric by shaping it into a strip and pulling vertically. Although controlling 70 motors and lightings was technically challenging, it was a more significant issue to attract people’s attention to the window. Therefore, the striped fabrics are set dynamically in the window and their movements are made organic. This unique window successfully captured the attraction of busy Tokyoites, in crowded and chaotic streets, and sparking a curiosity towards ISSEY MIYAKE’s clothes.

Issey Miyake 4

Detail of special textile strips.

Issey Miyake 5

Sometimes special textile strips shrink in unison.

Issey Miyake 3

Special textile strips shrink to be round and back side is revealed.

Issey Miyake 6

Detail of special textile strips.

Issey Miyake 7

Closeup of expanded special textile strips.

Issey Miyake 8

Closeup of special textile strips in transition.

Issey Miyake 10

70 motors controll strips.

Issey Miyake 9

Closeup of shrunk special textile strips.

Issey Miyake 2

Detail of special textile strips.

Location of project:
Toshiya Hayashi / we+

Hokuto Ando / we+

Yohei Aoki / we+

Eri Sekiguchi / we+

Daisuke Yano / Tokyo Lighting Design

Kenichi Murase

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