The World Academy, King Abdullah Economic City

Designed by: INNOCAD Architecture
For client: EMAAR The Economic City Floor area: 10600.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Learning Space of the Year

07 Innocad The Wold Academy 43® Paul Ott
© Paul Ott

The World Academy - Green cluster`s "market place"

About the Project

“Education for Life” is the mission of The World Academy - A GEMS Global Network School - at King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia. The institution offers its students, preschool - 12th grade, the highest educational standards with a rich international curriculum.
The innovative concept consists of three clusters: “market place,” “assembly space,” and “knowledge space.” The market facilitates “meet and greet” and an interactive common area. It includes an open learning and enclosed project room for focused teamwork. The “assembly space” is an open library and a green atrium where students mingle during free time. Moreover, the forum is an auditorium and a vertical connection between the floors. The “knowledge space” has a maximum of six classrooms, each with flexible furnishing and a retreat space that provides many settings for individual teaching, like collaboration or recreation. The main hallway, “the connection,” offers open communication with various layouts. Along the hallway commonly used “we-places” are situated – areas for special education, a design and tech lab with workstations, a preparation room, and robotics. The main library includes study zones and a green atrium. The “life skills & entrepreneurship center” is a multi-area for group teaching, lectures, and individual study. In order to optimize workflow for faculty, furniture for active working is placed throughout the office to give teachers the options to work while sitting, standing or leaning.

What’s unique about it

Our intention is to harmonize education’s physical, virtual, and social world offering enhanced environments for “New Learning.” The transparent interior encourages student’s creativity through many glass surfaces and white writable walls, a blank canvas expressing individuality.
A huge Atria bisects the existing core at all levels. This allows natural light to flow from the roof into the space to foster student well-being. The perforated ceiling system and the built-in furniture are noise–absorbing, increasing the user´s concentration. The biophilic aspects, such as green areas improve air quality.
The concept for different educational environments is based on two spatial filters: the “we places,” which are more communicative like “the marketplace,” canteen and the open library – free textbooks shared among the students – and the “me places,” designed for individual recreation and group learning in the cluster.
Each cluster has a particular color-code in its interior symbolizing affiliation. A modular desk system facilitates an independent pedagogical approach and also follows this color scheme. These codes appear in the academy’s common areas to reflect the plurality of students. A 3D signage concept was also developed based on the color codes. Graphical color cores are main elements that provide easy orientation and guide through the entire complex. The signage is enhanced with inspiring quotes and light fixtures that align with the same theme in the graphics.

01 Innocad The Wold Academy 58® Paul Ott
© Paul Ott

The World Academy - "the connection" / "open communication" with signage concept

02 Innocad The Wold Academy 54® Paul Ott
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The World Academy - "the connection" / "open communication"

03 Innocad The Wold Academy 27® Paul Ott
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The World Academy - Orange cluster`s "market place" and "assembly space" in the background

06 Innocad The Wold Academy 21® Paul Ott
© Paul Ott

The World Academy - Orange cluster`s "market place"

09 Innocad The Wold Academy 74® Paul Ott
© Paul Ott

The World Academy - Library "study zone"

04 Innocad The Wold Academy 04® Paul Ott
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The World Academy - "assembly space" with open library and forum

05 Innocad The Wold Academy 23® Paul Ott
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The World Academy - Orange cluster`s "market place"

08 Innocad The Wold Academy 50® Paul Ott
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The World Academy - Blue cluster`s "market place"

10 Innocad The Wold Academy 80® Paul Ott
© Paul Ott

The World Academy - Life skills & entrepreneurship center

Location of project:

V3 Engineering Consultants Co. / Mr. Ahmed El Chami

Mr. Mohammed Khayyat / EMAAR The Economic City

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