Bisha, Toronto

Designed by: Studio Munge
For client: Loews Hotels, ICONINK Floor area: 14520.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Hotel of the Year

Studio Munge Bisha 01
© Maxime Bocken

A liberation from minimalism, Bisha's lobby sets the tone for the journey ahead

About the Project

Inspired by and embodying the spirit of a sophisticated nomad, Bisha is a liberation from minimalism and a projection into grandeur. Where more truly is more, the hotel is an unconventional experience that rejects all preconceived notions of hospitality design
Expressive in their opulence, the custom furnishings were designed with a rock sensibility and a luxurious edge. Within each suite is an unparalleled collection of customized furnishings dripping in a powerful high gloss lacquer finish featuring hidden details that both surprise and delight.
Among these exclusive gems is a 9-foot rotating TV stand framed in smooth leather that, when turned off, doubles as a black chrome mirror; a wardrobe in deep sapphire blue; an en-suite with an exaggerated three-paneled mirror for an optimized dose of vanity and subversive graphic prints hanging over an ellipses shaped porcelain tub.
The consuming joys of Bisha seep through each floor with a sophisticated selection of dining destinations. From the ground floor lobby bar; the second-floor restaurant, Akira Back and a rooftop pool lounge and restaurant, KŌST.
In this celebration of passion and indulgence, wander from space to space. Experience the finest cosmopolitan destination and world-class entertainment venues under one roof: the glamorous Bisha Hotel.

What’s unique about it

Bisha’s design reaches beyond the expected elements of hospitality. Evolving from the deep textures of the lobby, through the lavish guestrooms and into the distinct F&B destinations, the hotel experience transforms into an exploration of indulgence.
Contributing to the hotel’s sense of holistic diversity is the extensive custom form and premium materiality of each furniture piece perpetuates Bisha’s worldly persona. The motifs are not only found in local galleries, residential comforts or singular toned palettes, they are coveted indulgences from every corner of the world. The exhilarating and glamorous design offers a sense of personal luxury that both surprises and delights.
Through uniquely designed hotel suites, and a modern selection of dining destinations that both secure continued excitement for the returning guest and the high-volume crowds of fashion forward urbanites. From both a guest and operator perspective, these two elements contribute to the viability of this new build while raising the standard for boutique hotels. The decadent and culture rich property is the foundation of Toronto’s positioning as an impactful global destination.

Studio Munge Bisha 02
© Brandon Barré

More is more with arabesque patterned marble, golden etched desks and soaring glass birds

Studio Munge Bisha 03
© Brandon Barré

Custom corridor lighting and unique doorbells create a sense of personal ownership for suite

Studio Munge Bisha 05
© Brandon Barré

A Damien Hirst scarf complements a custom leather wrapped bar cart and black chrome pivoting TV

Studio Munge Bisha 04
© Brandon Barré

The guestrooms uniquely decadent are designed for entertainment

Studio Munge Bisha 06
© Brandon Barré

The vanity is a bold yet lavish statement of modern luxury

Studio Munge Bisha 08
© Brandon Barré

In each suite graphic floors and dark furniture pieces boldly contrast pristine white walls

Studio Munge Bisha 08
© Brandon Barré

Fashion focused gallery walls bring residential sensibilities with a rock star edge

Studio Munge Bisha 09
© Brandon Barré

Identifying Bisha with pop-culture, photography from Andy Warhol's Interview magazine adorn the wall

Studio Munge Bisha 10
© Maxime Bocken

The lobby bar, Mister C. wrapped in layers of emerald

Location of project:
Studio Munge

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