Physical, Hong Kong

Designed by: Panorama
For client: Physical Ltd. Floor area: 2000.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Health Club of the Year

Public Score
4.73 Function
4.85 Innovation
4.87 Creativity
1 Entrance
© Ng Siu Fung


About the Project

Multi-functional undulated floor-wall-ceiling structures set at strategic angles shaped the whole space to suit human ergonomics, video projections, set-in TV monitors at warm up and leisure zones. Dynamic ceiling florescent light and juxtaposition of audio-synchronized patterns, rhythms, moving graphics depicting BPM rate further enhanced the visual excitement.

Charcoal gray spray paint and timber veneer respectively wrapping the open gym area and private changing rooms generated opposite moods to suit the psychological needs for concentration and relaxation. Transparent glass boxes in funky colors and bold typographies gave privacy, acoustic control yet strong identities to spinning, dance and yoga activities. The necessary mirrors and TV monitors were tuned down to act subtly with the overall vibe. The focus is on the body and work out rather than mindless visual distractions.

What’s unique about it

Unlike most fitness clubs with typical ‘factory’ ambience of stale lighting, constant TV screens, and infinite rows of sweat-stained machines, this project took on the commission with a bent for abstracting the standard conventions. All the key zones have been reimagined and brought into an introverted environment of dynamic shapes and angles, contrasting lighting and bold colors.

Athletes need to move, this space has given them plenty of enticement and elevated their gym experience to a new level.

2 Consultation Zone
© Ng Siu Fung

Consultation Zone

3 Work Out Zone
© Ng Siu Fung

Work out zone

4 Work Out Zone
© Ng Siu Fung

Work out zone

5 Trf Zone
© Ng Siu Fung

TRF Zone

6 Gravity Zone
© Ng Siu Fung

Gravity Zone

7 Spinning Room
© Ng Siu Fung

Spinning Room

9 Resting Zone
© Ng Siu Fung

Resting zone

8 Changing Room
© Ng Siu Fung

Changing Room


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