Bake Cheese Tart, Ho Chi Minh City

Designed by: Joe Chikamori/07BEACH
For client: BAKE Inc. Floor area: 69.60 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Single-Brand Store of the Year

Public Score
4.93 Function
4.99 Innovation
4.97 Creativity
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© Hiroyuki Oki

left to right: stairs to the exit, stairs to the cashier and the hovering-like shelves

About the Project

To utilize the site's character which faces a busy street with a double-height ceiling, the stairs were designed to show passersby that customers are queuing in vertical direction. It made display shelves be terraced and the inside floor for staff be sloped as a result.

In seeking something light to show inside space openly, the idea of a cantilevered shelf with a point-fixing bolt attached to glass was considered. Yet since this idea seemed dangerous to the client, a different design was requested. However, Chikamori had believed it would be stable enough and that it would give a sense of newness to an ordinary product by having a different way of use. After studies such as taking data of withstanding-load, changing single leg into double and checking the strength with the mock-up, finally it has been approved.

In computer rendering, Chikamori sometimes apply different lightness on each surface of the same material to emphasize a shade. The same method was used in the real construction, applying lighter mortar on horizontal and darker one on vertical faces of stairs. Various combinations of two different colors of mortar were tested and it was carefully chosen not to be too obviously different but be effective.

Displaying products to passersby is important, however, the site floor level is higher than a street by 400mm. Due to that, the products can be hardly seen from the street. To complement this, stair-like mirrored ceiling was designed to reflect products to the street.

What’s unique about it

While using only existing common materials, new possibilities of those materials were created (such as the display with a sense of hovering with hardware in different way of use or a combination of two different colors of mortar).
The design was realized by a whole balance with carefully selected and placed elements to be extremely pure among bustling surroundings, and with paying great attention to details.
It lets passersby in a moment to know the space is different from others and has a higher level of quality.
While applying technique from a computer rendering, the outcome was carried out by repeated trial and error on the site. In other words, this is a unique effort created by old-fashioned craftsmanship and digital sourced idea (emphasized shade with a combination of two different colors of mortar).
Needless to say attracting customers is essential in a retail industry, especially today, people have a boundless appetite for social sharability, this design fully answers it with its concise and persistent aesthetic and strength.

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© Hiroyuki Oki

Emphasized shade of stairs by two different lightness of mortar.

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© Hiroyuki Oki

staff’s view from the inside. Shadow on the floor accentuate the floating-like impression

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© Hiroyuki Oki

Highlighted selling space like a stage by applying lighter color of mortar.

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© Hiroyuki Oki

Mirrored ceiling reflects products to the street.

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© Hiroyuki Oki

Cantilevered shelf supported with point-fixing bolts gives the floating impression.

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© Hiroyuki Oki

staff’s view from the inside. The warm color of the tarts stands out in the entirely grey interior

8 0095M Re
© Hiroyuki Oki

The simplest facade stands out among many colorful signages and storefronts on the busy street.

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© Hiroyuki Oki

The pair of stairs produces an active circulation of customers even at the narrow frontage.

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© Hiroyuki Oki

tread and rise has been differently adjusted between 2stairs to emphasize 3dimensional shade of each

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ModuleX Inc.

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