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Neue Arbeitswelt 205, Schwäbisch Gmünd

Designed by: Studio Alexander Fehre
For client: Robert Bosch Automotive Steering Floor area: 3200.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Large Office of the Year

Public Score
4.54 Function
4.54 Innovation
4.78 Creativity
Zb586 07
© Zooey Braun

Spatial units, often designed as workshops.

About the Project

Bosch AS will in future employ agile project work to develop its
automotive innovations. The work of the future will take place in a
new, future-proof work environment, located in a 3200 m2 former
production hall. A striking design was an explicit part of the brief, to
enable the company to use this ‘soft skill’ to prevail in attracting the
most talented employees.
A central roadway meanders through the hall. It is deliberately
furnished with bends, turn-offs and refuelling stops, because
accidental encounters between employees are part of a conscious
strategy. Diverse meeting options support productive exchange,
while ideas can be instantly recorded on the ubiquitous zinc
Materials were chosen to suit the industrial character of the
space. Raw zinc, wood and steel surfaces are combined to create the
strict geometry of the integrated units. Polycarbonate surfaces that
suggest model making reappear on walls and seating, thus conjuring
up the prototype stage in the developmental process. Many textile
elements and the colour concept, which inspires through the use of
intense shades, provide a warm tactile contrast.

What’s unique about it

The aim of our work is to hand over an object that fulfills the initial requirements in a touching and intelligent way.
Beauty and uniqueness are welcome side effects of it.
We have definitely achieved this goal with the project 'Neue Arbeitswelt 205'.
What was needed was a completely new design for Bosch that breaks out of familiar patterns.
Get out of the classic cubicle, into a new work environment.
Short ways, a constant exchange and the possibility to capture ideas everywhere and at any time, all this guarantees this location.
For the approx. 200 employees numerous offers of communication and working forms are available, from the telephone booth,
over the bench on hard wood to comfortable seating or fully upholstered alcove.
This multispace office is fundamentally not a reinvention, but for Bosch AS it is the ideal basis for interdisciplinary work.
Temporary teams with specialists from different departments should exchange, both within the team, but also between development teams working in parallel.
In garages, which are designed as workshops, ideas can be developed quickly and effectively, as the founder Robert Bosch already knew.
The loud design, a mix of high quality and rough surfaces, combined with the industrial charm of the former production hall creates a stimulating,
but also relaxed atmosphere for the employees.
That this form of working is accepted, we could experience ourselves when we visited the location a few months after they moved in.

Zb586 14
© Zooey Braun

Many of the walls are zinc-covered so can be written upon.

Zb586 18
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Lockers are also supplied in addition to storage space at the workstations.

Zb586 23
© Zooey Braun

Open conference area on an integrated second level.

Zb586 33
© Zooey Braun

Several conference islands are contained by crash barriers.

Zb586 38
© Zooey Braun

Workstations, around 200 in total, are located to either side of the central roadway.

Zb586 48
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At the heart of the office landscape is the bistro.

Zb586 50
© Zooey Braun

Fully upholstered alcoves.

Zb586 60
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Single focus-room in one of the integrated units.

Zb586 01
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View from the entrance to one of the conference rooms.

Location of project:
Studio Alexander Fehre

Calina Hohberg

Magdalena Paprotna

Rita Enns

Roger Dittrich

Alexander Fehre

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