Mist, Henan

Designed by: Department of ARCHITECTURE co.
For client: Central China Hotel Management (Henan) Co.,Ltd. Floor area: 37140.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Hotel of the Year

Public Score
4.89 Function
4.77 Innovation
4.93 Creativity
Dept The Mist 01
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The lobby crystal installation is inspired by a spectrum of light passing through hot steam

About the Project

During winter in central China, a combination of white snow, grey sky, and leafless trees results in a gloomy monochromatic picture. The project is an attempt to create a unique way to “colorize” our guests’ experience. The inspiration came from the colorized B&W films in the early 1900’s when the artists hand-painted transparent color layers onto each B&W frame. The result was surreally colorful since the colors were not of the objects, but "floating" in the air. The idea was adopted into architectural language. The facade is doubled with lattice structure inspired by Chinese bamboo scaffolding, filled with shades of blue and magenta glazing. This system gives depth and color complexity to the façade, floods interior spaces with colorful light, combines balconies into a single architectural element, and brightens up the gloomy sky while looking out from the inside.
Architecturally-scaled arts installations exploring natural phenomenon relating to mist and water are installed throughout the building to tie the entire experience. At the lobby, the installation is inspired by a spectrum of light passing through hot steam. In the restaurant, the installation inspired by silver-lining cloud silhouette defines zones of seating. On the entire ballroom ceiling, a matrix of delicate acrylic rings forms a semi-transparent cloud-like shape. Large installations in the atriums inspired by two states of water - dew and droplet, stimulate an illusion of dimension, scale and gravity.

What’s unique about it

As architects, we always aim to enhance site characters in our design. However, this project is located on an empty flat land with no view. Together with a wintery, murky sky, our first impression of the site was its absence of color. We then intended to find a unique way to “colorize” the experience, to counteract with the site’s monochrome character. Our inspiration came from the colorized B&W films in the early 1900’s. We adopted this concept into architecture by providing double façade with color glass filled-in to flood colorful shadow onto monochrome architecture and interior space. Here, color is used as a 3-D architectural element, not just as a finishing material, to create not only unique visual but also space.
The only interesting attribute of the site is well hidden - its heated groundwater which is mystically beautiful when it comes up to the surface as hot-spring mist. Large site-specific installations exploring beauties of natural phenomenon relating to mist and water are specially designed and installed throughout the building. Our interior design approach was, in fact, adopting arts installations into inseparably elements that tie the entire experience of the hotel together.
The project is indeed our attempt to explore alternative architectural and interior design approaches. Architecture was largely conceptualized and inspired by another discipline of arts - the art of film. While interior design is in fact an extension of art installations into the spaces.

Dept The Mist 02
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Layers of clear crystal planes can be experienced differently depending on position of the viewers

Dept The Mist 10
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Exterior view from the lake

Dept The Mist 09
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Sunlight going through glass facade casts its subtle color shadow onto guestroom monochrome ambiance

Dept The Mist 08
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Ballroom pre-function area; the colored glass brightens up the gloomy sky while looking out

Dept The Mist 07
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Guest rooms are not joined by a typical corridor but a series of bridges floating in an atrium

Dept The Mist 06
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Large installation in the atrium inspired by two states of water; the dew and the droplet

Dept The Mist 05
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Ceiling installation and cloud-pattern floor carpet give an unusual feel of lightness to the banquet

Dept The Mist 04
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A restaurant installation is inspired by silver-lining silhouette of steam defines zones of seating

Dept The Mist 03
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Color is used in transparent materials; crystals in mist installation and acrylic in floor lighting

Location of project:
Department of ARCHITECTURE co.

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