PayPal, New York

Designed by: Rapt Studio
For client: PayPal Floor area: 1558.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Small Office of the Year

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About the Project

PayPal has grown its NYC occupancy and has grown its brand over the last three years and we have partnered with them to design workplace experiences that have helped their staff here thrive.

Having already built out several workspaces for the fintech giant in New York, Rapt worked to expand their West Village presence, emphasizing the company’s stories of consumer partnerships. Our latest work covers two full floors of open and collaborative workplace and highly flexible gathering spaces. What was once the loading dock and freight elevator lobby, has been repurposed as the company’s main entry to the building, announcing PayPal's occupancy as a highly-branded, single tenant experience, leading to a state of the art experience center side by side with the employee gathering and meeting areas. There is no “behind the curtain” here.

What’s unique about it

For PayPal’s new space, several structural bays were removed between the 1st and 2nd floors and were outfitted with a sweeping stepped bleacher component—allowing for large all-hands gatherings, and through the use of the integrated technology, company-wide, global presentations and product launches. Above and overlooking the all-hands area is a café/server with seating that allows for impromptu smaller meetings and for front row seats during a presentation.

While the workspace on the upper floors embrace a bright and playful material palette, these lower levels are finished with a more refined and mature palette balancing PayPal’s brand colors of blues and grays with light woods and brass. Cloud-like pendants float above the stair for a bit of whimsy while a large-scale patchwork pattern does double duty on the presentation wall, presenting as a large-scale artwork while offering much needed acoustic qualities to the large space.

A large travertine bar with a brass grid of suspended shelving and lighting anchors the communal area at the base of the monumental stair. The bar creates a special moment for both employees and partners, and also for visitors and passersby who have visibility of the activity within the space from Washington Street. This space hosts weekly interactive events and encourages employees to build community throughout the day, whether it’s making an espresso for a co-worker or celebrating a win during a happy hour.

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