Artek Headquarters

Designed by: Sevil Peach Architecture & Design
For client: Artek Floor area: 470.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Small Office of the Year

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About the Project

Artek’s new Head Office is situated within the 4th floor of a converted 19th Century apartment building. Originally a space that featured a series of small rooms connected via dark, long corridors, these spaces were repurposed and transformed to accommodate a new working showroom for Artek and parent company Vitra, as well as workspaces for their employees. The new environment conveys 'Artek's Spirit' through it's planning and use of materials, creating a democratic environment with maximum daylight as well as an inspiring showcase of Artek and Vitra products.

The primary goal was to strip the space back to it’s bare structure in order to gain additional ceiling height and create open, light and airy environments; a blank canvas which acts as a clean backdrop for the products and the activities. With the space stripped back to it’s shell and with the introduction of various new openings, all the individual zones have become interconnected with beautiful vistas, including views to the outside. This enfilade creates a continuous perception of space and allows for easy and immediate communication between the various team spaces.

The materials & details used throughout are a subtle homage to Artek’s heritage and craftsmanship. Additionally bold curtains conceal and frame the sample library, chair display, storage, archive, lockers, write-on and pin-up boards, copy area. Improving the office acoustics through their softness, the curtains equally form a theatrical setting.

What’s unique about it

We believe this project is representative of the qualities of what a workplace should be; a place where one chooses to go to work rather than where one has to go to work. It was important in this project that the spirit of Artek was not only represented in a visual way, but also the way in which one lives, uses and experiences it.

Everything was considered carefully to ensure the transformation adequately supported Artek’s business needs in an economical way within a fast track programme, whilst providing a timeless, understated and quality environment that enhances the daily lives and well being of the users for years to come. From a respectful refurbishment of the base building, right through to the considered incorporation of Artek & Vitra products, the use of textile, materiality, colour and light and everything else in between, we believe this project is exemplary of a human centric workplace, an holistic approach to design and architecture.

The Office/Showroom has provided Artek with a supportive workplace, a stream of visitors and increased sales, with a happy workforce who enjoy being in their new work environment.

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Location of project:
Sevil Peach Architecture & Design

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