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The Core, new HQ for CBRE in Amsterdam

Designed by: CBRE
For client: CBRE Floor area: 4700.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Large Office of the Year

Public Score
6.32 Function
6.33 Innovation
6.34 Creativity
Cbre The Core 14 Hi Res
© Stijnstijl Photography

Client Lab - A flexible space that facilitates cocreation with clients and in various possible settings.

About the Project

We radically transformed a former garage building in Amsterdam to be our new headquarters, aiming for the highest possible standards in terms of sustainability and health. Retaining the character of the building was a priority. The design is open – The Core has few internal partitions – and there are four zones: the Workshop, the Client Lab, the Library and the Cafe. The internal design of the new office promotes and facilitates collaboration and gives entrepreneurship ample space to flourish.

The Workshop is a lively place that’s full of energy and activity. Large project tables and individual workplaces are separated from each other by green plants. Northern light sheds through the authentic windows of the former garage roof. Most of the technique in this space is put away at the sides, to keep the roof free.

The Client Lab facilitates cocreation with clients. Light colours are used to create a lab feeling. The walls are flexible. Various settings can be made here, according to the needs of different meetings and events.

In the Library people can focus. Natural materials and colours are used, creating a peaceful ambience that stimulates focus and deep work.

And finally everything comes together in the Cafe. Here colleagues and clients find each other for meetings and collaboration in an informal setting with good, healthy catering.

What’s unique about it

The Core is a 50-year-old former garage that has been given a new lease of life, as a place of innovation and entrepreneurship. We aim to create an informal, innovation-led working environment that gives all our employees the space to develop their own style of working, whatever their position, department or specialisation. We are setting out on a completely new path. The building is virtually free of fixed frameworks, which will enable us to adapt even more smoothly and effectively to the rapidly changing world around us.

The Core is built on four core elements: Health, Sustainability, Smart/Tech and Cooperation & Cocreation. A smart building system enables CBRE to tailor the building’s functions to the preferences of its users. In addition, CBRE is aiming for the highest possible standards in terms of sustainability and health. For example, all of the recyclable materials in The Core have been brought into focus and CBRE has made use of cutting-edge research by the University of Twente on how the working environment influences the health, well-being and performance of office users.

Cooperation & Cocreation are facilitated throughout the whole building. Especially in the Café, which has the perfect ambience for informal meetings and the Client Lab which is extremely suitable for all kinds of cocreation in project teams or with clients.

Cbre The Core 20 Low Res
© Stijnstijl Photography

Workspace with break out spaces on the left and on the right workstations separated by lots of green plants. In the back: greenhouse meeting rooms.

Cbre The Core 3 Low Res
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Cafe – An informal place to work or meet with colleagues and clients.

Cbre The Core 10 Low Res
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Long tables facilitate working together in project teams.

Cbre The Core 5 Hi Res
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Cafe – An informal place to work or meet with colleagues and clients.

Cbre The Core 7 Hi Res
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Workspace – The authentic car garage roof allows northern light to shed on the workplaces. On the right: greenhouse meeting room.

Cbre The Core 27 Low Res
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Green plants provide clean air and a natural feeling in The Core. On the left are lockers made of recycled materials. In the back: art wall, also made of recycled materials.

Cbre The Core 18 Hi Res
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Design Lab – The design team has its own space to create modern and flexible workplaces with and for clients.

Cbre The Core 34 Low Res
© Stijnstijl Photography

Library – a place to relax and focus in a calm and comfortable ambience.

Cbre The Core Floor Plan Ground Floor Hi Res

Floor plan ground floor The Core – Top left: garage. Bottom left: Cafe. Centre: Workshop. Left: Client Lab.

In this video Ramon Beijen tells you more about the transformation and design of The Core.

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