Tamra Elementary School, Tamra

Designed by: Sarit Shani Hay
For client: The 'Al Razi' School Floor area: 150.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Learning Space of the Year

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About the Project

Tamra Elementary School provides students with an encouraging learning experience based on studying through play. A special focus was paid to create an innovative learning environment that softens the transition from Kindergarten to First Grade. Defined by different themes, the 150 m² space is a public domain which includes areas for learning activities through different stations. By fusing a formalistic design language with local motifs, children are able to gain familiarity of their culture in a playful way, while encouraging a sense of belonging. The limited color palette was specifically chosen in order to prevent stimuli overload. The design strategy was based on combining traditional ornamentation such as intricate weaving and embroidery, together with a contemporary modern design language. A custom interactive library is the focal point, combining upholstered sitting niches in different geometric shapes with shelving and storage. On the main wall of the space, a quote from a famous Arabic poem is carved into the natural wood surface, "I am a child, I have a heart and a soul, listen to me speak." The space embodies an environmentally friendly design while promoting a diverse yet enjoyable learning experience. The project reflects our studio's design belief in the power of education to change and influence.

What’s unique about it

This project reflects my design philosophy that the 21st century educational environment is a vital and productive tool that encourages the child's natural playful approach while learning and enjoying. By creating an engaging space that promotes versatile learning, we have offered a favorable solution to the problem many educators face. The goal was to create a fun environment that provides students with an enjoyable educational experience. Unique objects were specially designed for the space, substituting frontal learning for a more integrative experience. By combining form and function, the design of the school is practical without abandoning aesthetics. The designed environment is an educator within itself, shaping creative thinkers and encouraging experimentation and exploration. In an economically disadvantaged area with a shortage of activity areas for children, initiatives like these are all the more crucial. The school serves as an enjoyable meeting place for children of the community, becoming a place of great importance for the city of Tamra. It is my mission for children throughout the country to have the opportunity to study in an aesthetic and designed learning environment, using design as a means for social change.

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Sarit Shani Hay

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