Toyota: Drive to go, Nagoya

Designed by: Archicept city
For client: Toyota Motor Corporation Floor area: 170.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Single-Brand Store of the Year



About the Project

The purpose of this store is to offer automotive experiences to young people who generally lack contact with cars in their daily life. The space inside the store is decorated with sophisticated glamping imagery. By hanging out with friends in this space, young people will be inspired to go on driving trips out to the outskirts of town together. At this location, there is a car rental service that can be accessed via website, and in a process as simple as ordering fast food, rental cars can be equipped with camping gear, coffee, and sandwiches and taken out on a road trip. The website also introduces a glamping location that can be reached by car for a day trip. When the cafe space is seen from outside, the scene of young people driving to glamping sites and enjoying their time functions as an outdoor advertisement.

What’s unique about it

Rather than simply designing a space, this project creates a new kind of service for young people. It represents a communication design, and a new business design for Toyota Motor Corporation. Our design experience has a wide range, including brand design, interior space design, web design, menu development, cafe tool design, and car rental program development.
Initially, the request from Toyota Motor Corporation was to establish an automotive showroom for young people. However, we proposed to “design an experience” that went beyond just creating an auto showroom, instead creating an atmosphere where young people would want to spend time and be inspired to take a trip in a car. Thus, this project transitioned into a new service creation project that involved various Toyota Motor Corporation departments, and eventually was implemented as a shop directly managed by the Toyota Motor Corporation. Going forward this service is in the planning stage to determine the most strategic location for development.


Interior - from the entrance of the store, the cafe order counter is visible.


Menu & tray sheet




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Location of project:
Archicept city

Inamoto & Co

Rights apartment

Transit general office


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