Hepburn Club, Guangzhou

Designed by: Shenzhen Newera Design Consultant
For client: Noah’s Ark Investment Management Group Floor area: 1100.00 M² Year of completion: 2016
Nominated for: Bar of the Year

02 The Hall

The hall

About the Project

Hepburn Club is located in central Guangzhou, which faces Zhujiang River and the central business district. This very place is also the center of the entertainment industry in Guangzhou and faces intense competition. Noah’s Ark Investment Management Group invested 80 million RMB into this club to make sure it is different from other clubs and surpass its competition. Because of the competition, designers must consider how to instill a creative image and lead the trend in Guangzhou’s entertainment industry.

The futurism style is popular in fashion on a global scale, from home decoration to entertainment spaces. Hepburn Club is the first and the special one of the latter. NEWERA DESIGN undertood the client's wishes clearly and mastered the trend, creating a 'future' club: videos in the air matches the adjustable stage with all kinds of technology presented in this case. This will surely heighten the guests’ entertainment experience.

What’s unique about it

Generally, futurism style consists of white, black, and grey. However, NEWERA DESIGN uses a lot of blue in this case to present an alternative to the current futurism style. In Hepburn Club, LEDs and lights divide areas from each other - creating a scene like in a Hollywood movie. In addition, the letters and numbers on the wall are a place of detail that explain the time-disorder feeling guests encounter. From a guest’s perspective, Hepburn Club is addictive in its design. From the entertainment industry’s perspective, Hepburn Club is already an icon. From a business perspective, Hepburn Club is a successful case of design-lead-business. Futurism will be a new trend for the design of entertainment spaces, and NEWERA DESIGN would lead it.

01 Outdoor Facade

Outdoor facade

03 The Hall

The hall

04 The Hall

The hall

05 The Stage

The stage

06 The Hall

The hall

07 The Hall

The hall

08 The Hall

The hall

09 The Hall

The hall

10 The Aisle

The aisle


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