ITAFE, Zhejiang

Designed by: Daylab Studio
For client: Yuhao Wu Floor area: 180.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Bar of the Year

Public Score
3.91 Function
3.76 Innovation
3.77 Creativity
01 白天外立面
© Peter Dixie

Store front under natural day light.

About the Project

The Daylab Studio hopes to illuminate the community with design sparks, like ITAFE’s Logo design inspiration drawn from a matchstick. The City of YiWu in Central ZheJiang Province, China, is renowned for its small commodity trade. Traders from all over the world come to the YiWu Market daily for quick trades and leave in a hurry.

Despite YiWu being a county-level city and one of the powerful economic cities of China, it lacks facilities to provide visitors, and most importantly consumers in search of better lifestyle. We challenged this with avant-garde, experimental Interior Design style. Ingenious open-layout concept allow the interior design to spill over to the street, create interest and thereby winning the praises of young consumers.

Before the implementation of our design, the entire street was dull and old, and pedestrians whizzed by the street without taking notice of their surroundings. But with this new facelift, ITAFE is aggressively attracting locals and an international crowd made up of traders who come to the city. The welcoming design of the open façade and outdoor furniture also acts as a resting space for pedestrians. Due to the design of the outlet, more people unknowingly became interested in the culture of coffee and tea and this encourages repeat visits in the future.

What’s unique about it

With the huge ambition of the design, ITAFE takes the slogan of “Light Your Life” as the soul from the space to the products.

First of all, “Light” is Bright and Illuminates. In the storefront, metal Venetian slats absorb and reflect different color shades from various times of the day, seasons and weather conditions. Pedestrians enjoy different impressions from different perspectives.

“Light” also implies lightweight. Stainless steel (polished, hairline, black powder coating finishes), cement, terrazzo, polycarbonate, honeycomb acrylic, may seem like ordinary materials but are woven into a harmonious symphony.

Another well-received design innovation is the highly reflective Stainless Steel used at the bar counter top. This reflective surface equates to an interactive and dynamic movie projection screen showing all corners of the outlet and providing “a bird’s eye view” of the coffee making process, to the customers.

The bar top is not only core of functionality but also the visual focal point. This area is endowed with a cluster of 6 tea-drop pendant lamps, which correspond, to 6 glass flasks on the counter top. This art installation portrays coffee and tea purification and extraction process. The glass flasks are filled with actual tealeaves so that customers can observe the quality of the products at close distance.

All these details of the “Light Your Life” not only services the customers’ basic needs but also benefits the community.


Carton of the attractive details

I Tafe Yiwu Print 04C
© Peter Dixie

The customers can observe the quality of the products at close distance.


Exploded diagram

14 电子宣传屏幕
© Xiaoyun

Adjacent to the entrance, a digital screen is encased in the long communal table.

05 大堂
© Peter Dixie

Highly reflected bar ceiling to reflect the operation of producing the tea.

Elderly Take Selfie 2

The welcoming design of the outdoor furniture acts as a resting space for pedestrians.

16 外立面座位细节
© Xiaoyun

Detail of the outdoor furniture. 5 mm stainless steel sheets scroll the shape of the seating.

09 用餐空间300Dpi
© Peter Dixie

Tables and seats

04 夜晚外立面 2
© Peter Dixie

Store front at night

Location of project:
Daylab Studio

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