Think Lab, Tokyo

Designed by: Sou Fujimoto Architects
For client: JINS Inc. Floor area: 1390.37 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Co-Working Space of the Year

Jntl 116 Rev
© Daici Ano

Open desk space. You can choose the chair optimum for the substance of task.

About the Project

While our communication is becoming a lot easier nowadays, we are facing problems having less time to concentrate(Deep Think) on our own at work on the other hand. According to the report by “JINS MEME” which senses our concentration, we noticed that many workers in office cannot focus on their work. “Think Lab” is an innovative working space which offers the highest concentration in the world based on the scientific evidence and design combined. We implemented ideas of traditional Japanese architectural design which gives users tension and release, and some factors in order to create the perfect space based on modern science evidences such as “greening effect”, “automatic customized lighting system”, “healing sounds”, “posture correction chair” and “The best blood sugar value.”

What’s unique about it

We realized the fusion of scientific basis and spatial design. We prepared chairs and desks that can be chosen by the thinking types as users such as "Intensive thinking” and “divergent thinking." The illumination brightness adjusts to match the internal body clock, and arranged plants are according to the measured green coverage rate ideal for relaxation. Also, in the background recreates the power spot's inaudible sounds. Food and beverages necessary for blood-sugar level management, and those items based on the evidence that integrated into the spatial design. Also, not just simply providing the space for relaxation, we designed for the series of flows for people’s actions factors necessary for creating the concentration. In addition, we also have a cafeteria as for a "Co-work" space which is a way of discuss and make form of things with everybody else what one has come up with by deep-thinking, designing the action itself as "to work" through the design of the workspace, High-quality output, and the environment in which easy to generate innovation.

Jntl 140
© Daici Ano

Café space for co-working.

Jntl 145
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Café space. We provide the regular stock of the food and beverage to control concentration.

Jntl 138
© Daici Ano

Relaxation room for massage uses the high-resolution audio for BGM.

Jntl 134
© Daici Ano

The tatami space is provided for mindfulness relaxation, yoga, and power nap.

Jntl 110 Rev
© Daici Ano

Open desk space at night.

Jntl 128 Rev
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COCOON(Individual cabin/concentration booth.)

Jntl 104 Rev
© Daici Ano

As passing through the approach space, the door opens up and there comes the garden space.

Jntl 102 Rev2
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The 24 m of long dark entrance approach sharpens up one’s senses to make the moderate tension state.

Jntl 101
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Entrance. The illuminance is low to turn the switch on for concentration.

Think Lab introduction video (in Japanese)

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