Maapilim Pop Up Shop NYC

Designed by: Craft & Bloom
For client: Maapilim Floor area: 33.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Pop-Up Store of the Year

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4.50 Function
4.28 Innovation
4.39 Creativity
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About the Project

Inspired by the convoluted Grecian rooftop gardens - surrounded by serenity, iconic Mediterranean shapes and local herbs, Craft & Bloom created a space for people to enter and feel a transition from one of the world's busiest retail neighbourhoods into a different mode, activating all of their senses. Bringing shapes, materials, scents and local herbs from across the Mediterranean, Craft & Bloom manifested a physical sense of Maapilim's essence and values surrounding a slower-paced state of mind.
In order to best emulate this state of mind, Craft & Bloom purposely limited materials to a minimum to allow the mind to focus and not be over stimulated. The main material choice is a soft white mineral plaster, iconic to Greek architecture. The soft lines and imperfect shapes of the store's display create an approachable scene for customers - inviting them to embrace the Mediterranean way.
The lengthy low-bench that runs along one full wall of the space further invites guests to sit down and enjoy a moment in a hidden garden amongst the bustle of the city. Here, customers can test products, consult with a skin care specialist or to just sit for a moment and enjoy the sounds and smells of the Mediterranean over a traditional coffee. The hardwood floors, of the original space, are cleverly disguised with gravel upon which Craft & Bloom laid a soft grey concrete to mimic a Mediterranean garden, including fresh herbs true to the region that are found in Maapilim's products.

What’s unique about it

This was a particularly challenging project as we wanted to honor the rich and ancient history of the Mediterranean by emulating a sense of permanence and antiquity in a pop up space. Choosing Greek’s iconic plaster was essential yet problematic- how does one create a seamless construction in an ephemeral space with limited construction time? We chose to partner with local builders who constructed the display in their studio and moved into Nolita two days prior to opening. Upon which our collective efforts were spent softening and eliminating the connective lines, transforming the store into a space of solace for the busy New Yorker and tourist alike.
Adding elements of greenery and plantlife is an essential part of our practice. It furthers our commitment to create spaces in which our clients feel calm and connection. Here, we decided to include local Mediterranean herbs that can be found in Maapilim’s products. This created a holistic user experience as clients were able to touch and smell the beautiful ingredients that nature provides.
The sink in the space does not have a faucet, but rather a perfectly shaped water jug used to pour over one’s hands - an ode to Greek baths and a simpler way of life .
Throughout every decision we always asked ourselves, how will this instill a sense of calm in the end user? The colors, the textured walls, the scents, the heights were all chosen with the wellbeing of the client at the highest priority.

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testing area : where one can feel comfortable to try any product or talk to a skin care consultant

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We were very limited by the landlords when it came to the flooring - no glues, no nails. Ultimately, it challenged us to create this perfect pairing of stones and concrete, contributing to the garden motif.

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Tel Aviv based ceramicist, Avi Ben Shoshan, was commissioned to create all the ceramic elements in the space. His works sit beautifully on the intersection between nostalgic motifs and modern lines. Together we created a set of ceramics that not only look

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