Paramount House Hotel, Sydney

Designed by: Breathe Architecture
For client: Citadin Pty Ltd Floor area: 1186.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Hotel of the Year

Public Score
4.61 Function
4.58 Innovation
4.76 Creativity
1 Katherine Lu Paramount House Hotel
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About the Project

Amid a suite of heritage and inter-war buildings in Sydney’s Surry Hills, Paramount House Hotel occupies a 3-storey 1930s brick corner warehouse, adjacent to the historic Paramount House (c.1940s). Completing an irregular city block that was associated with film industry pioneers Paramount Pictures Studio and 20th Century Fox Film Association, the hotel embraces the historical significance of the site and its surrounding context.
Arrival at Paramount House Hotel is enveloped by the activity of hospitality and creative ventures sharing residence at Paramount House. The reception lounge lies at its heart in a hidden, light filled atrium - the former film vault that now anchors the new hotel to the historic narrative of the site. Time and change are marked by the traces of former walls, rough and imperfect against the new adornments - copper cabinetry, custom artwork, concrete furnishing, greenery and crisp chevron patterned screens.

Paramount House Hotel is locally responsive and truly unique. Each of the 29 rooms are completely unique. It is about expressing everything that was old and true, honest and raw, about the existing warehouse. It captures the spirit and excitement of the golden era of film.

What’s unique about it

There are 29 rooms at Paramount House Hotel - and like our guests, no two are the same. The existing building is imperfect, with layers of wear that make each suite unique in offering, character and scale. Columns appear in different locations, unpredictable with remnant building features celebrated. Some suites express the patinated brickwork, parapet and gable ends, while others reveal the former stairwells, aged joists and struts. Traces of ornamentation are embedded throughout - sometimes bold, sometimes subtle. From freestanding, solid timber bathtubs and architectural metalwork, to lush greenery and locally made furniture and ceramics.
To the existing brick and timber shell we brought a robust authentic palette of structural and architectural metalwork, concrete, recycled timber, locally designed tiles, textiles, fixtures and fittings. A 7kW PV Solar Array located on the roof deck produces energy to supplement the operational demands of the building. Suites have been designed to include an external terrace, tucked in behind the existing brick envelope or copper screen facade, to provide shade, natural ventilation and the opportunity to interact with both streetscape and climate.

The rigorous adaptive reuse strategy is intended to circumvent substantial building waste - reducing environmental impact while imbuing the hotel with textural narrative and architectural delight.

10 Katherine Lu Paramount House Hotel
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9 Katherine Lu Paramount House Hotel
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8 Katherine Lu Paramount House Hotel
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7 Katherine Lu Paramount House Hotel
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6 Katherine Lu Paramount House Hotel
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5 Katherine Lu Paramount House Hotel
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4 Katherine Lu Paramount House Hotel
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3 Katherine Lu Paramount House Hotel
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2 Tom Ross Paramount House Hotel
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