Canopy, San Francisco

Designed by: Amir Mortazavi for M-PROJECTS and Yves Béhar
For client: CANOPY Floor area: 1300.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Co-Working Space of the Year

Canopy Jackson 14
© Joe Fletcher

The kitchen and break area.

About the Project

Following the success of its debut location in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights, CANOPY designed its new Jackson Square space to meet the rising and evolving demand of the Bay Area's sophisticated professionals.

Thanks to the two founding members at the helm of its design, CANOPY Jackson Square delivers a serene environment in an elegant and spacious setting for an accomplished and diverse community. Amir Mortazavi and Yves Béhar drew their inspiration from the color tones and the architectural shapes of the neighboring cityscape, from the oxidized copper of the iconic Sentinel building across the road where the owner Francis Ford Coppola wrote and edited Apocalypse Now and the Godfather to the pink and peach tones of City Lights Bookstore which was a beat haunt for the likes of Kerouak and Ginsberg.

CANOPY Jackson Square offers 13,000 square feet of premium office space including a standout 1,500 square-foot outdoor terrace. Strong lines, natural light and geometric elements define the interior. The signature glass-enclosed private offices line one side, while a Jane café and open workspaces on the other create a triangular floor plan. In the center, a lounge area with a hybrid tree like bookshelf that serves as a canopy – an architectural tour-de-force – serves as both a visual privacy screen to the conference room and work areas, as well as a containment for the people within.

What’s unique about it

Combining contemporary architecture, local materials and cutting-edge features, CANOPY is an inspiring place of work. The space offers the latest in contemporary office furnishings from Herman Miller and Yves Béhar-designed Sayl Chairs, Public Office Landscape System Tables to Eames Chairs and Chadwick Modular Seating. Bay Area craftspeople and artisans are also showcased with ceramics from Year & Day, plaster-painted walls by artist Victor Reyes in the break room and café, as well as custom-designed tables, cabinets and light fixtures.

CANOPY’s belief is that where you work affects who you are and what you do. It is thoughtfully designed to facilitate focus and avoid distractions. The space is built with innovative features that encourage privacy and inhibit sound. From high-tech Modernus glass partitions sealing all private offices to slatted ceiling insulation and custom light fixtures providing additional sound control throughout the common spaces, CANOPY’s environment incites quality interactions. CANOPY thrives to create a harmonious balance between private spaces to focus and get your best work done and public places to socialize meaningfully, learn, dine, drink, and unwind. We built dedicated spaces for phone calls to avoid disruption and respect privacy. We designed meetings spaces for the flow of collaborative ideas. The common area is convertible to become an event space with a screen and ample seating. Our outdoor space allows lounging, meeting and working.

Canopy Jackson 15
© Joe Fletcher

The deck.

Canopy Jackson 12
© Joe Fletcher

A view of the Transamerica building from the deck.

Canopy Jackson 26
© Joe Fletcher

The boardroom with its custom table, Herman Miller chair and Samsung frame TV.

Canopy Jackson 8
© Joe Fletcher

The conference room with its custom table, Herman Miller chair, Samsung frame TV and Shaw carpet tiles.

Canopy Jackson 3
© Joe Fletcher

The lounge area and canopy.

Canopy Jackson 16
© Joe Fletcher

The "flatiron" cut private office which echoes the Sentinel building across the road.

Canopy Jackson 13
© Joe Fletcher

A private office view.

Canopy Jackson 6
© Joe Fletcher

The lobby and welcome desk area.

Canopy Jackson 1
© Joe Fletcher

The open space area with shared and individual desks.

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