All is Colour SS2018, Stuttgart

Designed by: Michel Comte
For client: Breuninger GmbH & Co. Floor area: 750.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Window Display of the Year

Public Score
6.55 Function
6.46 Innovation
6.66 Creativity
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© Sabri Dridi

Window base build with flower backwall, mirror floor, coloured LED light stipes and acrylic circles.

About the Project

“All is colour” was the 2018 spring/summer store window campaign theme at German fashion & lifestyle premium multichannel department store Breuninger.
For the campaign, Swiss multimedia artist Michel Comte created a wall of 10.000 flowers from 130 different countries. Originally set up in Milan, the flower installation was photographed by Comte and became Breuninger’s spring/summer campaign visual. The flower wall became the texture of all of Breuninger’s advertising material, its visual merchandising and the department stores themselves.
The store windows’ back walls were covered floor to ceiling with the flower wall texture, printed on high-gloss material. In order to enhance the strong visual effect of the flower wall image, dramatic lighting and colored LED light stripes were added, and the windows’ floors were covered with mirrors. To add more depth and tension to the installation, images from the campaign look book – also photographed in front of the flower wall by Michel Comte – were printed on large acrylic circles, which were suspended from the windows’ ceilings.
Upscale chrome mannequins dressed in the latest spring summer 2018 fashion gave the powerful “all is colour” store window installations their finishing touch.
At Breuninger’s Stuttgart flagship store, an impressive 600m² mural of the flower visual mounted to the store’s facade, overlooked the city’s main plaza.

What’s unique about it

With “all is colour,” Michel Comte evolves the tradition theme of the flower still life into an impressive piece of contemporary installation art and photography. The result is completely unique and unparalleled, the visual effect overwhelming, and the concept as powerful as it is simple. With a campaign visual made of 10.000 flowers from 130 different countries, “all is colour” takes the image of spring blossoming to a whole new level.
The high-end key visual functions like a versatile photo texture, which makes it highly effective and innovative: there are barely any limitations regarding its format, crop, and scale, which makes it easily applicable to all media, be it spatial, print, or digital. Furthermore, the different designers, in-house departments, and external agencies working on the campaign require less art direction, without compromizing the visual’s high recognition value.
At the functional level, the shop window concept of “all is colour” makes efficient use of very few elements and materials with great effect. The four main components are essentially 2D prints on back walls, acrylic circles, mirrored floors, and upscale mannequins. This economic and flexible modular system can be assembled and dissembled very quickly; the mannequins, mirrors, and circles can be easily reused while the campaign develops further thruout the entire season.

03 03 Breuninger 0804
© Sabri Dridi

Window sticker announcing the cooperation with Multimedia Artist Michel Comte.

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© Sabri Dridi

Close-up of acrylic circles with campaign images and coloured LED light stripes.

03 03 Breuninger 1117
© Sabri Dridi

Close-up of acrylic circles with campaign images suspended from the windows' ceilings.

03 03 Breuninger 0994
© Sabri Dridi

Corner window right.

03 03 Breuninger 0997
© Sabri Dridi

Corner window left.

03 03 Breuninger 0976
© Sabri Dridi

Corner window overview.

03 03 Breuninger 1141
© Sabri Dridi

Breuninger flagship main window front with mural of flower visual mounted to the stores's facade.

Location of project:
Michel Comte

Breuninger GmbH & Co.

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