Triplex at Sant Antoni, Barcelona

Designed by: Valentí Albareda Tiana
For client: Private Floor area: 79.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Small Apartment of the Year

Public Score
5.17 Function
5.30 Innovation
5.20 Creativity
Manso 11
© José Hevia

The underground now gains a open backyard with natural light after openning the ceiling

About the Project

This dwelling/business place was a precarial and healthy home and its underground floor was used to store Canarian bananas to be sold in the neighborhood’s market. This building was also bombarded during the Spanish Civil War. These facts, associated with the typical architectural elements from the 1900’s buildings, were the basis to create a new dwelling project, with new necessities but showing the ancient scars. The project began with knocking down one of the existing vaults to lower the rear facade till the underground creating a new courtyard. The lower floor now is bathed in light and provided with a crossed ventilation. The overlapped skins are eliminated leaving the original paraments bare. In the attic floor part of the slab is knocked down to be substituted by a crystal leave that gives the necessary amplitude for the limited height from the first floor. The maximum obstacles are opened and the beams and vaults are uncovered. The stairs to access the attic floor changes the geometry to adjust to the courtesy bathroom’s door that is hidden in the cabinet under the doorsteps. The stair rail, supported in four welding points, forms a triangle that does its function on the stairway and in the attic floor. The old attic partitions are thrown and the new support structure works also as the cabinet’s structure for the rooms and continues with the sliding doors guides. Now the dwelling fulfills a family necessities but with the original soul.

What’s unique about it

This is an singular project because the intervation done allows the property gains in many aspects. First in space quality. Transform a dark and closed low level apartment into a ventilated space with natural light. This was done for example eliminating barriers, changing materials from opaque to transparent or translucide ones, creating a new interior yard opening the underground floor. By the other side, gain in usefull squared meters, with a more functional distribution and attic, now with three bedrooms, an office and two backyards. Besides respecting the building origins and giving it a new language through its own ancient material and structure, now used in a different and modern view.

Manso 02
© José Hevia

The space gains natural light, ventilation and a functional distribution with traditional materials

Manso 13
© José Hevia

The skylight also gives depth and clarity for the underground floor

Manso 09
© José Hevia

A transparent metallic structure is the new floor for the first level backyard

Manso 07
© José Hevia

In the underground stairs the traditional material rasilla is used in an innovative way

Manso 06
© José Hevia

The attic structure is also the framework for the bedrooms wardrobes

Manso 05
© José Hevia

Part of the attic now is made of glass and iron bathing the living room with natural light

Manso 04
© José Hevia

The wood beams are bared and the kitchen is now embedded under the attic floor

Manso 03
© José Hevia

A new stair made of wood and iron done. Wardrobes and a bath are hidden under it.

Manso 01
© José Hevia

The main entrance from the street, now with a wood and iron lattice

Location of project:
Valentí Albareda Tiana

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