UCC Ueshima Coffee SCAJ2017, Tokyo

Designed by: HAKUTEN
For client: UCC Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd. Floor area: 72.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Trade-Fair Stand of the Year

Public Score
2.85 Function
2.81 Innovation
2.87 Creativity

The exterior | UCC COFFEE LAB

About the Project

The booth of UCC UESHIMA COFFEE designed at SCAJ World Specialty Coffee Conference and Exhibition 2017.
UCC UESHIMA COFFEE is famous for canned coffee and a very familiar company to our daily lives.
At this exhibition booth ,"LARGO" for high end coffee beans is shown as a leading product.
Coffee dealers from overseas coming, UESHIMA COFFEE needs to change the image of inexpensive and near-at-hand coffee to that of expensive and high technology one.
The booth is designed the space under the concept of "UCC COFFEE LAB.
The space is aimed that visitors may try the high quality coffee with various contents by the original technology development .
Some corners are set up, where they try how to enjoy the various coffee such as ICE BREWED COFFEE with the server by original technology development and the lecture to make a good drip coffee and so on.

What’s unique about it

Copper has been used for coffee cups and dripolators since early times because of good thermal conductivity.
So we use copper as the key materials to form the whole LAB.
The booth is planned out by copper pipes based on the white color and adds a primal feel with shiny beautiful quality.
Copper pipes change shapes into coffee drip servers, fixtures, lightings, hanger racks and glass-hangers.
These are transformed into constituent parts and stage the LAB and play a functional role.
Signs at each part are designed in the motif of the indicator from the pipes and matched precisely with the booth.
And copper pipes can be reused at the other exhibitions because they have the quality to last long.
As the result ,UCC ends up costing down for annual promotions.
The can packed coffee beans by high technology may be seen the inner structure by projection mapping.
The technology of UCC can be known easily and intuitively.
The booth shows how eagerly UCC has studied coffee and how much UCC has technology for coffee.
UCC makes a big appeal to the world here.


The exterior | UCC COFFEE LAB


The can packed coffee beans by high technology may be seen the inner structure by projection mapping.


A sign like an indicator


Glass hanger made of copper pipes


Shelves made of copper pipes


Drip stand made of copper pipes


Copper pipes


The Interior | UCC COFFEE LAB


The Interior | UCC COFFEE LAB

Location of project:
Hakuten Corporation

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