The QO, Amsterdam

Designed by: Paul de Ruiter, Mulderblauw, TANK, Conran&Partners with IHG Interior Design Dept
For client: Borealis Hotel Group Floor area: 22500.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Hotel of the Year

Urban Hotel Qo 05

The open plan and fresh lounge space

About the Project

QO, an IHG® hotel, seamlessly weaves luxury with holistic wellness and sustainability. Every aspect of the hotel is designed to reduce environmental impact and to create the best possible guest experience, for international and local guests alike, from the rooftop greenhouse to the intelligent façade and energy-saving features in its construction.

The QO takes the lead in the most advanced and important biomimetic design of all: transforming cities and neighbourhoods into ecosystems. The QO is a living building where loops are closed (CO2, water, energy, and waste).

The QO is a new experience for travellers and local community, leading the way towards the future of hospitality. Luxury merges with sustainability to create a visionary new lifestyle destination.

QO shows it is possible to stay in one of the top hotels in Europe, enjoy innovative, luxurious features, the healthiest food and still affirm that we care about our planet. The destination restaurant and bar offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, accompanied by a breath-taking panoramic view of Amsterdam.

All building systems are positioned in the centre of the building. The residential spaces are located around this core to maximize natural daylight in these spaces.

Materials are chosen for their circularity credentials, provenance and relevance to the QO’s story and vision. A third of the concrete used in the construction came from Amsterdam’s iconic old Shell building.

What’s unique about it

‘Sustainability’ in its widest sense. The challenge was to deliver a high-end hotel meeting the requirements of both business and leisure travellers while still demonstrating a sensitivity to nature in every aspect of its operations.
The uniqueness of this project lies in its overall circular design and the integration of its green principles in all parts of the hotel – from architecture to public areas and the room.

QO is constructed with a LEED certification system, the most widely used green building rating system in the world. LEED is the triple bottom line in action, benefiting people, planet and profit.
The key ways in which the QO moved away from single-use and into circularity:
- Using natural and existing resources to the greatest possible extent; a third of the used concrete came from the old Shell tower, and carpets are made from 100% recycled yarn from fishing nets.
- Sourcing materials and consumables created locally,
- Urban farming system on the 21st floor, providing fresh ingredients for the restaurant and bar
- Long-lasting instead of disposable items; stone paper packaging for amenities
- Reusing, repurposing or recycling at every opportunity, even grey water is filtered and reused to flush WCs

Qo 06 Juniper And Kin Greenhouse Tank Interior Design Tommy Kleerkoper Sanne Schenk Menno Kooistra Qo Hotel5880

The hotel has a rooftop greenhouse, where QO grows fresh ingredients for its kitchens. This re-interpreted, unique feature into a greenhouse-style framework that becomes a storytelling thread throughout the hotel. The lightweight structure visually links

Guestrooms Qo 02

The material palette uses materials in their original colour and finish where possible, with natural materials for fabrics and tiling. The polished concrete ceilings and external grade engineered brick bring an industrial feel to the space that references

Guestrooms Qo 06

Each room is divided by a brass and glass screen that incorporates the vanity and wardrobe, creating a visual break without dividing the space. The shower and lavatory are enclosed and private so the room also works for a couple or friends.

Urban Hotel Qo 07

Each room is divided by a brass and glass screen that incorporates the vanity and wardrobe, creating a visual break without dividing the space. The shower and lavatory are enclosed and private so the room also works for a couple or friends.

Urban Hotel Qo 06

The rooftop bar, Juniper&Kin, immerses the guests in the intense and deep tones of a starry night - a perfect pairing for the breathtaking view. Therefore, this floor features a black greenhouse structure, rather than the white framework that can be found

Urban Hotel Qo 02

Every area of the hotel focuses on a relationship with the city: the hotel makes guests feel like true Amsterdam residents during their stay. The entrance is a bright open space, with a welcoming bar and mezzanine with reception desk. Due to the natural a

Urban Hotel Qo 03

The unique 360 degree check in desk encourages staff/guest interaction

Urban Hotel Qo 04

Persijn, QO’s Dutch eatery, was consciously placed on the ground floor with the intention of connecting the city and its residents with the space. We wanted to create a local experience as well as for hotel guests to have a warm welcome in a lively space

Urban Hotel Qo 01

The most visible circular element is the innovative façade, which consists of 819 moving aluminum panels installed outside the windows. They are centrally controlled and connected to a weather station. They provide additional insulation on cooler days or

A series of short videos from Paul de Ruiter, Mulderblauw, TANK & Conran & Partners

Location of project:
Paul de Ruiter Architects

Mulderblauw architects


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