Molecure Pharmacy, Taiwan

Designed by: Waterfrom Design
For client: Molecure Pharmacy Floor area: 170.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Nominated for: Multi-Brand Store of the Year

2 1 F Laboratory Table
© Kuomin Lee

The laboratory table on the first floor.

About the Project

The owner of Molecure is a third-generation pharmacist who hopes to subvert the traditional preconception of a pharmacy and integrate it into the diversified modern environment. The design by Waterfrom takes inspiration from the name of the pharmacy, which is derived from ‘molecule’ and ‘cure’.

The space refers to the synthesization of drugs and medicine, combining the seemingly conflicting qualities of nature and technology. Cobblestones are adhered onto the two towering walls on the left and right, adding the rough texture to an unexpected surface. The metal, lightweight glass and transparent acrylics criss-cross, while straight lines are adopted to build the display racks in a pattern that refers to longitude and latitude.

When filled with medical products and supplies, the display racks seem to disappear from the space, transformed into colorful paintings against the walls that float in a breathtaking abstract atmosphere.

What’s unique about it

The one-way interaction of a traditional pharmacy counter is avoided here, as the core of the space is a laboratory table where pharmacists interact with customers. The open dispensing area, iPad-embedded consulting service and interactive information aggregation system contribute to an innovative customer experience.

The solid base of the laboratory table is the wood core of a 100-year-old tree trunk, which, together with the hanging green plants over it, gives the impression of a forest. This subverts the cold, clinical atmosphere of a traditional pharmacy, and also invites nature back into spaces for medicine and healthcare.

Resembling the double helix of a DNA molecule, a copper corkscrew staircase connects the spaces within Molecure Pharmacy. Countless laser-cut molecule-like triangular holes on the stairs to create shadows which resemble those cast by the scattered leaves of trees.

1  Laboratory Table
© Kuomin Lee
3 2 F Display Wall
© Kuomin Lee

The display wall on the second floor.

4  Dispensing Area
© Kuomin Lee

The dispensing area.

5 2 F High Display Racks
© Kuomin Lee

The display racks on the second floor.

6 2 F Gallery
© Kuomin Lee

The gallery on the second floor.

7 Look Up From The First Floor
© Kuomin Lee

Perspective from the first floor.

8 Spiral Staircase Upward View
© Kuomin Lee

An upward view of the spiral staircase.

9 Overlook From The Second Floor
© Kuomin Lee

The view from the second floor.

17  Low Angle View Of Display Wall
© Kuomin Lee

A low-angle perspective of the display wall.

Location of project:
Waterfrom Design

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