CY-Clothing manufacture

Designed by: Lucien International—Masanori Design
For client: CY-Clothing manufacture Floor area: 285.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Small Office of the Year

1 Cy Clothing Manufacture

About the Project

The reconstruction from outside to inside has realized the new breakthrough of brand image and the leap of humanistic care. The shape and color collision of the building jumped out of the boredom of the traditional factory. The additional water pool and terrace make the environment can be shared so that people can escape from the noise, feel the peace of nature. Wholly thinking from the architecture, interior and nature, the architectural image and experience are balanced and appropriate.

What’s unique about it

It has changed the traditional image of office space in manufacturing industry, and shape the brand image to create their own IP. Through the transformation of the building, closely combined with nature, to make it ventilated, environmental protection and energy saving.

2 Cy Clothing Manufacture
3 Cy Clothing Manufacture
4 Cy Clothing Manufacture
5 Cy Clothing Manufacture
6 Cy Clothing Manufacture
7 Cy Clothing Manufacture
8 Cy Clothing Manufacture
9 Cy Clothing Manufacture
10 Cy Clothing Manufacture
Lucien International—Masanori Designs

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