Arup Sydney

Designed by: Hassell In Partnership With Arup
For client: Arup. Floor area: 7500.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Large Office of the Year

Public Score
3.87 Function
3.69 Innovation
3.73 Creativity
10 Perimeter Lounge
© Earl Carter

Perimeter lounge.

About the Project

HASSELL partnered with Arup to create a workplace where the exchange of knowledge and skills through learning and experimentation – central tenets of Arup’s work culture – are not only facilitated but lived by all.

The heart of Arup’s new Sydney office is a four-storey void, designed by HASSELL into the base building, which connects all five floors of the workspace. With striking horizontal and vertical views across and between floors - this centrepiece presents a clear insight into Arup’s everyday operations and gives a sense of connection. The collaboration spaces centred around and adjacent to the void put the ‘Arup University’ on show, a manifestation of Arup’s commitment to knowledge. Collaboration spaces are an open invitation to both staff and partners to come together for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and skills.

The workplace feels distinctively Arup – design-led, collaborative, social and healthy. Team neighbourhoods are rich in work setting options from ergonomic desks to quiet spaces, adaptable social and creative spaces to an outdoor terrace. Every detail, every space was specifically designed to respond to and cater for Arup’s daily work needs and specialist spaces, such as the SoundLab and Lighting Lab, support its ongoing experimentation and improved decision-making processes.

What’s unique about it

The rare integration of developer, base building architect, contractor, interior design team, and Arup’s multidisciplinary team in this project led to the delivery of a new kind of commercial building and workplace, different to typical office buildings – one that thoughtfully connects people and supports the ‘WELLness’ of its tenants and visitors.

Designing with Arup provided opportunities to challenge the usual approaches to commercial workplace design, to consider new uses for simple materials, alternative treatments of typical elements such as ceilings and floors, and the innovative adaptation of engineering solutions to create a best practice workplace environment.

From the acoustics to light and air quality, the clear views, yoga and meditation room, and ergonomic furniture, not to mention the best-in-class end-of-trip facilities, the attention to ‘wellness’ in this workplace is unique. The design focused on providing benchmark solutions wherever possible resulting in exceptional amenity, indoor air quality, comfort and physical and digital connectivity.

The fitout achieved a 6 Star Green Star Interiors v1.1 Design Review Certified rating and will achieve a 5 Star NABERS Energy and 4 Star NABERS Water rating. It will use 100% green power as part of Arup’s commitment to sustainability.

9 Project Space
© Earl Carter

Project space.

8 Pivotting Collaboration Tables
© Earl Carter

Pivotting collaboration tables.

7 Stair And Shared Team Zone 2
© Earl Carter

Stair and shared team zone 2.

6 Stair And Shared Team Zone 1
© Earl Carter

Stair and shared team zone 1.

5 Folded Metal Bench Seat
© Earl Carter

Folded metal bench seat.

4 Open Collaboration
© Earl Carter

Open collaboration.

3 Bottom Of Void
© Earl Carter

Bottom of void.

2 Stair
© Earl Carter


1 Central Void And Stair
© Earl Carter

Central void and stair.

HASSELL in partnership with Arup.

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