Citroën 2017, Tokyo

Designed by: HAKUTEN
For client: Peugeot Citroën Japan Floor area: 180.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Trade-Fair Stand of the Year

Public Score
2.82 Function
2.84 Innovation
2.90 Creativity
Citroen Tms2017 001
© Tomooki Kengaku

This spatial design has been originally developed in Japan inspired by the Citroën’s showroom design concept of ‘La Maison’.

About the Project

The Japan original space design inspired with the concept of "La Maison".The design motif is " drawer ".
The booth space expresses the massage that the joy of the life to get a car is replaced with the joy to look for the treasures filled in the drawer.
Emphasized the view point to see the drawer, the space is designed to be the most photogenic from the high angle view intentionally .
The height limitation in the site creates the unique low space without cars on the contrary.
The main three points :
Concentrate the floor decoration taking advantage of the concept of " La Maison " and Tone & Manor .
Design the photogenic booth in consideration of the scene seen from the second floor where visitors certainly pass through.
Arrange the color combination and volume to emphasize the iconic car body the best from the eye-level.
Various custom parts such as wheels ,mirrors and Citroën goods are stored in the floor 100mm high and create the flat floor with hardened glass.
And so visitors may walk around and experience as though they are looking for the treasures in the drawer there.
While recently young people tend not to buy their own cars in Japan , the space design presents " how to enjoy the life" having the unique points like Citroën.

What’s unique about it

“Embodiment of the affluent lifestyle with car”
Against a tendency that young people turn away from driving in Japan, the entire booth expressed not only the convenience of automobiles but also the spiritually affluent lifestyle with cars. The booth embodied the Citroën’s unique perspective on life and touched consumers emotionally.
“Artistry and Technology”
Based on the concept of “La Maison”, the booth portrays the floor space as a big drawer. The project aimed to express the joy of life with a car using ‘discovery of treasure in a drawer as a metaphor.
The creation of this drawer required various technical efforts. To secure a safe walkway for visitors, we used tempered glass to create 100 millimeters height clear flat floor where visitors can freely walk around. Moreover, displaying various custom parts such as wheels and mirrors under this glass floor required to slice these parts into under 100 millimeters thickness by using leading-edge cutting technology.
“Economic effect and information diffusion through social media”
Turning the height limitation into advantage, the design creates a photogenic view from high-angle while it considers visitor’s walkway. By promoting visitors to take photos and diffuse them in social media, this project aimed to enhance the visibility of the brand and bring positive economic effects by raising purchase intention.

Citroen Tms2017 002 01
© Tomooki Kengaku

The booth provides a unique space and photogenic view from high-angle.

Citroen Tms2017 003 01
© Tomooki Kengaku

The booth is formed as a big drawer filled with Citroën cars and treasures.

Citroen Tms2017 004 01
© Tomooki Kengaku

Parts of the car etc are placed on the drawer.

Citroen Tms2017 005 01
© Tomooki Kengaku

Created various activities such as children on stage.

Citroen Tms2017 006 01
© Tomooki Kengaku

Gig drawer full of treasure in Citroën lifestyle.

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