Baisheng Garden, Dongguan City

Designed by: YongMing He
For client: Excellent real estate (group) co. LTD Floor area: 350.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Entertainment Venue of the Year

35 A0601 Hdr 31
© Peng Yuxian

n the choice of tones, the designer takes gray as the main color of the case, creating a sense of elegance and leisure, creating a pure entertainment and leisure atmosphere.

About the Project

Baisheng Garden is located in the busiest business district in Dongguan City. It is located in the gathering place of high-grade residential areas. It has a strong commercial atmosphere and is close to the convenient transportation. This case is Baisheng Garden Lobby Club, in addition to providing reception, leisure and entertainment and other basic functions, but also looking forward to providing modern people a leisure in the joy of reunion, the joy of life and the beauty of the profound experience of art.

What’s unique about it

Dragon dance is a special culture of South of the Five Ridges, and is also a traditional custom handed down by Guan City. Dragon dancers, guided by dragon balls, hold dragon implements, accompanied by drum music, complete dragon swimming, wearing, tending, jumping, turning, rolling, playing, wrapping and other graphic movements through the changes of human movement and posture, fully demonstrating the spirit of the dragon, qi, spirit, rhyme, representing the spiritual core of the pursuit of happiness in Guancheng people.Whether in Dragon dancing, the artificial lines, or the natural texture of the landscape, all have a kind of flowing beauty. Designers apply it to smallpox structure, using bamboo to create flowing texture of the shape of a gentle flow, with a static and dynamic trend. Like Chinese cursive script, the frenzy is exquisite, which breaks through the conventional structure, not only brings natural rhythm to entertainment places, deepens the high-level sense of space, but also makes the sight harvest unexpected surprises.

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© Peng Yuxian

Specific material texture brings pure spatial experience.

道胜设计 百晟花园30
© Peng Yuxian

The lines of the whole space are as smooth as clouds and flowing water, and the unity and coordination are concise and powerful.

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© Peng Yuxian

Irregular shape lamps make the whole space more interesting.

35 A9542 Hdr 2
© Peng Yuxian

The natural lighting is introduced in the setting of the French windows, and the dining area is more open and bright.

35 A0543 Hdr 29
© Peng Yuxian

Irregular shape seats combine with the whole space, showing the modern fashion taste.

35 A0558 Hdr 30
© Peng Yuxian

Designers uses a variety of seat configurations to achieve the effect of zoning, there are different directions of the table, by adjusting the horizontal direction of the table and changing seats to make the zoning more obvious.

35 A0283 Hdr 25
© Peng Yuxian

The gray and spacious cloth sofa is used to deepen the sense of leisure. The small round table promotes the intimate atmosphere of gathering, so as to relax the spirit.

35 A0118 Hdr 20
© Peng Yuxian

Designers get inspiration from Guancheng's nature and dragon dance culture. Through certain design techniques, dragon elements are embodied in the ceiling device, and the landscape texture is depicted with space language.

35 A0123 Hdr 21
© Peng Yuxian

Whether in Dragon dancing, the artificial lines, or the natural texture of the landscape, all have a kind of flowing beauty. In the process of designing Baisheng Garden, the designer embodies this kind of beauty.

Location of project:
Guangzhou Daosheng Design co. LT

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