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Exhibition of Frozen Time

Designed by: Waterfrom Design
For client: Aqua Health Clinic Floor area: 280.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Single-Brand Store of the Year

Public Score
4.83 Function
5.06 Innovation
5.14 Creativity
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About the Project

Aqua Health Clinic gets rid of the ancient background of old medicine cabinets and smell of aged medicinal herbs. It attempts to use cosmetic SPA and technological atmosphere to twist the old impression of traditional Chinese medicine. It uses medical principles of pulse diagnosis and medication and food therapies as the approach to design specific treatment for visitors to relieve physical and psychological fatigue. This place enables people to jointly shape the contemporary 5-senses culture through space, diet, and SPA, as well as experience the ancient internal and external health cultivation of traditional Chinese medicine.
Our goal is to enable visitors receiving the diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine or SPA care to experience the tenderness in the environment rich in technological and medical principles. Such tenderness comes from the sense of slowness of detachment from time and space, refinement, and endless aftertaste from art.
The argument about time that is closest to people undoubtedly is life and death. We view specimens as the tangible carrier of time, which is exactly the same as the idea of Damien Hirst. There are kinds of traditional Chinese medicine plant and mineral specimens, they are statically placed in neatly arranged and glowing glass grids. The scent and taste that the medicinal materials should have released have been condensed and disappeared.

What’s unique about it

The indoor arch and façade create a discontinuous section shape that extends the slice concept of the art specimens. Compared to the perfectly symmetrical outline, a structure that appears to be interrupted by a half-cut, or a semi-circle that appears at the end of a curved walkway leaves an unfinished atmosphere with sliced structure more similar to truncated time, letting the curatorial performance interface be more diverse and stereo.
For the center of the base, we intentionally raised the ground and circled it with a glass curtain, projecting a light source that is homogeneous above and brighter than the surrounding area. The behaviors carried out on the platform and the flow rhythm of the surrounding people's shadows constitute the performance art without starting and ending points of time.
We also extracted the collective memory symbols of traditional Chinese medicine culture and transform it into a decorative element that conforms to the avant-garde technology. We deconstructs the solid wood medicine cabinets and turns into a square glass container with a blue sea of varying volume that is still as solid and floating as a soul. At the other side uses 6 layers and tens of thousands of blue acrylic rods of different shades and arranged in collage with lighting to render the rhythm of mountain, fog, and rain. Contemporary materials ae used to reflect the splash of ink and water with Chinese meaning and the restrained mood.

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Haircare area

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Waiting area

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Reception area. Waiting area

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Aisle of TCM clinic and bar area

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Haircare area

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TCM clinic

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Facialcare area

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TCM clinic. Bar

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Location of project:
Waterfrom Design

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