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Giants, window display, Europe

Designed by: RAY Atelier
For client: Tiger of Sweden Floor area: 10.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Window Display of the Year

Public Score
5.46 Function
5.47 Innovation
5.70 Creativity
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Selfridges window, London

About the Project

Inspired by the AW18 collection for Tiger of Sweden, by Creative Director Christoffer Lundman, we created a series of stone balancing sculptures.
A result of a collaboration where we got to take part of exclusive research material for the collection — "Creative giants of Swedish culture".
The sculptures where based on director Ingmar Bergman and his work and life on the stony Swedish island Fårö (where his film The Seventh Seal was also made).

For the Selfridges windows we where asked to add an eye to the sculptures, as a reference to the ongoing campaign theme in the department store. For this special occasion we added the eye of the Swedish Film Institute to our sculptures. The eye sits on the facade of the building overlooking the Swedish Military HQ. The institute was made by architect Peter Celsing, also one of the Creative Giants that inspired the Tiger of Sweden AW18 collection.

What’s unique about it

We have created a window display that where "head turning" and artistic, yet sophisticated and Scandinavian to match the brand identity of Tiger of Sweden.
We collaborated with different sculptors and artist during the production phase to create the stone like shapes and textures, such as plaster and sand moulding. As part of the brief we where asked to create windows that would be able to travel around different stores, fairs and events in Europe and that could easily be installed by anyone. Therefore the sculptures are made lightweight, hollow and easily mounted on a single structure (see reference image).
When working with our clients we always encourage to re-use the objects that we make, let them live longer and transform into the next season or event. In this case the same sculptures where exhibited in many different locations and events, instead of us producing more.

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Selfridges windows, London

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Mounting at Selfridges, London

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Detail from window at department store Nordiska Kompaniet, Stockholm.

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© Patrik Lindell

One of six windows at department store Nordiska Kompaniet, Stockholm

Giants Nk 1
© Patrik Lindell

One of six windows at department store Nordiska Kompaniet, Stockholm



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Location of project:
Tiger of Sweden

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