JoyCity Kid’s World, Shanghai

Designed by: Shen junwei
For client: Shanghai JoyCity Floor area: 4200.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Multi-Brand Store of the Year

© Dirk Weiblen

The “hill” in the middle of one side of the Rainbow Forest is central plaza. Dandelion is dressing up the sky.

About the Project

The Kid’s World on the sixth floor of the north building in Shanghai Jingan Joy City is the spatial extension of this love-themed shopping mall. This area of entertainment and retailing is delicately designed for kids aging between 3 and 10, which provides enriching, interesting and diversified experiences. It encourages the kids to indulge in their everlasting, innocent imagination, to follow their instincts, and to explore the nature in their own way.
The architect is inspired by Dandelion Hill, imagining the form of hills when adopting the rhythm of “contouring lines” in an undulating geography. In this space of 4200 square meters, the retailing stores and public entertainment areas are merged into the circular moving stream of visitors.
The main scene is in the lift hall, the dandelion stems breaking through the soil and spreading. The “singing” stem art installation encourages the kids to hear the nature simply with ear, paying close attention. As kids are opening eyes, enjoyable Flower Bud Book House and splendorous “Rainbow Forest” come to sight. The kids climb through the playful sliders with their body fully touching and feeling the movement, exploring tree houses in central plaza. In the end, they reach the shining “Fairy Masquerade”.

What’s unique about it

How to integrate the three-layer staggered structure of different heights on this floor is a challenge for the architect. Derived from the concept of Dandelion Hill, the whole space grows and flows naturally with the rhythm of the “contour lines”. Splendid colors shift between entertainment zone and retailing stores, where the communication between families takes place and kids are growing up. Through creating an interactive space, the design enlightens and inspires the kids, while encouraging their parents to come along with their exploration.
Like a palette being knocked over, the project brushes up to 200 colors in areas with different themes. Art installations and stores bump into and merge with each other, bringing livelihood and amusing expectations to the space.
The entire space is metaphorical for the process of life from budding, growing to maturity, encouraging the creative caprices and ideas to grow in kids, and leading them to explore the magic of nature. It is also an experimental innovation to insert recreational activities in retailing spaces.

© Dirk Weiblen

In the splendorous “Fairy Masquerade”, the flying dandelions in the air light up the stage, and the colorful dancing lines on the ground rhyme with the melody, booming the atmosphere to climax.

© Dirk Weiblen

Kids are resting in tree holes, playing hide and seek, going into stores through tree holes with the height of a kid.

© Dirk Weiblen

The walkway along one side of the Rainbow Forest, taking over all the view of the atrium in mall.

© Dirk Weiblen

Inside the Rainbow Forest are retailing stores

© Dirk Weiblen

Sliding through the staggered structure allows to enter the Rainbow Forest

© Dirk Weiblen

Flower Bud Book House Gallery

© Dirk Weiblen

Encourage the kids to hear the inner voice of nature with their ears

© Dirk Weiblen

The wall of “singing” stem art installation

© Dirk Weiblen

The Budding Corridor. The dandelion stems breaking through the soil in lift hall.

Location of project:
Arizon Design

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