Designed by: Archi-tectonics
For client: Inscape Floor area: 600.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Health Club of the Year

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5.01 Function
5.07 Innovation
5.19 Creativity
Inscape 13
© Christian Harder

Interior of the meditation dome

About the Project

INSCAPE opened in New York City in 2018. Intended as a prototype for future worldwide distribution, the first PROTOspace in Chelsea occupies a large 6,000sf storefront. It contains a set of large ellipsoid meditation spaces; a “Dome Room” and an “Alcove room”, an extensive retail space, as well as a lounge for guests.

Meditation requires a distinct state of mind – Inscape provides a gradual transition from the hectic, noisy streets of New York City to the secluded calm of the Meditation Dome. Here one can leave the world outside, and focus on oneself, expanding mind and brain.

A fully immersive light and sound environment guides guests through the curated meditation experience, while aroma therapy air filtration enhances a feeling of comfort and well-being. Soft gongs emanate through the space and allow one’s thoughts to wander.

The Dome, which looks like a simple natural space devoid of all technology, is in fact a highly engineered space. A grid of concealed micro speakers creates a soothing ambient soundscape, in tandem with carefully orchestrated LED lighting that adjusts in intensity and color depending on the selected meditation.

The pre-fabricated bamboo Dome was developed through intensive 1:1 robotic prototyping in collaboration with Aria, a LA-based car design company. This greatly improved the assembly efficiency of the final building system and allowed us to extensively test and fine-tune the performance of the final product.

What’s unique about it

INSCAPE not only re-defines the architectural space and experience of meditation, but also the methods of its design and fabrication.
Through our unique design approach based on rigorous research, parametric investigation, robotic prototyping and pre-fabrication, we achieved an architectural space that is as technologically innovative as it is experimentally captivating - a new standard for mindfulness and design intelligence.

Great effort was invested into the perfect proportions, materials, colors and acoustical properties of the dome, as well as ergonomic seating variations and personal spatial comfort. The aim was to create a space that feels natural, simple and effortless; the ideal meditation environment for both novices and experienced users.

We are deeply committed to a holistic design that contributes not only to the wellness of its users, but also minimizes the impact on the natural environment. Inscape was fabricated entirely from renewable and natural materials, such as bamboo, canvas or cardboard.

At the same time, the use of state-of-the-art design and fabrication tools, and integration of the most advanced building systems allowed us to create an immersive experience that blurs the boundaries between the physical and experiential.

The auxiliary retail concept with custom displays and lounge area adds to the popular appeal of the Inscape concept, and further contributes to the prominence of the architectural image in promoting the brand.

Inscape 12

Exterior of the meditation dome as seen from guest lounge

Inscape 8

Prefabricated frame for bamboo seating

Inscape 11
© Christian Harder

Retail area

Inscape 7

Prefabricated, curved bamboo seating

Inscape 6

Fully CNC milled prototype

Inscape 5

Advanced methods of prototyping by L.A. based car design company Aria Group

Inscape 2

Leaving the chaotic and noisy world behind

© Christian Harder

Interior of the prefabricated dome, offering an immersive meditation experience

Inscape 3

Exploded view of the meditation dome

Inscape offers an immersive meditation experience

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