Hachi Apartment, Bangkok

For client: HACHI BRAND Floor area: 1100.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Co-Living Complex of the Year

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4.26 Function
4.26 Innovation
4.38 Creativity
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Exterior Façade the five-story structure is completed with several wooden balconies on its exterior that allow it to stand out from its surrounding office buildings and conventional apartments. the gable roof structures, each different in depth, orienta

About the Project

This apartment plays with the archetypal house shape on the exterior façade to create a lovely visual to pedestrians. Starting from a wood facade clustered of gable modular seems like a vertical housing. We try to provide a sense of houses instead rooms. In order to emphasize key-visuals the house shapes be disseminated in all interior space. Whether it be the headboard, arch ,door, architectural void, and even room accessories all in the reasonable way to be.
Emotional design developed the entire interior based on an analogical idea of ancient eastern people, who organized spaces by dividing each of the activity areas in a sequence. Each area is divided by gable arches that link to the exterior, while the switch between bright and dark areas plays with people’s perception. The corridor wall and staircase are built using black stones, and finished with tiny spotlights whose glow draws attention to the walking path. White marble and wooden textures create a warm ambience that aims to make residents feel comfortable and as if they are in their own home.

In this project the purity element is the order to play. We try to achieve the perfection of all architectural elements. They are all simple looking, but complex installation process for example - glass wall have no frame and edge joint- Tile wall with sharpen grouts - cabinet door with seamless laminated sheet without handle – floating table mounting on the wall have no legs - thin table length 3.80 meters without vertical support.

What’s unique about it

Despite the appearance of the apartment, there were some issues: we were unable to void the floor to create an open high space. It doesn’t mean the apartment is unable to have a variety of emotional while the people get in to. The harmony of the key-visual all over also make the connection between inside & outside.
The design striving to prove that simplicity is another method to achieve a perfect beauty. The tool is the right composition , proportion, rhythm and be clear in what you are trying to show.
“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Beyond the artistic goal that satisfied pedestrian that we have set it before. After Hachi’s construction have completed and got a lot of published the result not only make high turnover for Hachi’s owner but also evoke Thai investors who used to ignore about design and living quality in apartment with belief that the temporary users usually have a careless behavior. It’s lead to make Bangkok seldom have a delightful apartment at a reasonable price. Hachi proves that good design can shape people to have a good behavior. The simple visual and clear design make people rule themselves to keep the room clean.
Most of all ,Thai people turn to interest about design & visual qualities again .After magazine with Hachi’s content had published.Their sale volume increased and The Client who interest to invest an attractive project contact to Octane’s one by one.

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1st floor the co-working space of Hachi brand & Warchitect studio ,No frame glass wall seem like nothing between inside & outside.

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Floating stone table prominent in multi-purpose room The room have clear visual (no door handle, No wall edge joint etc.) but still functional and full of electrical equipment.

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the entire interior based on an analogical idea of ancient eastern people, who organized spaces by dividing each of the activity areas in a sequence. each area is divided by gable arches that link to the exterior, while the switch between bright and dark

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(retrace view)The wall vertical plain of corridor and stair hall are built by black patterned stones, having tiny spot lights that emit toward wood patterned floor to guide and draw people’s attention to the path while walking.

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This area try to hide the source of light to increase the deepness in design. Such as the wood surface stair setback from the black wall and let the light shed to wall seem like the stair are floating separately.

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Rental room are designed to make you feel highest comfortable. Despite of it’s too small the white wall make it seem larger and make it soft-look by harmony of artificial wood material.

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repetition of house shape the relation between in interior & exterior

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emphasize the bathroom ware with simple lighting along the mirror plain.

Location of project:
Octane Architect&Design

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