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United Cycling LAB & Store, Lynge

Designed by: Johannes Torpe Studios
For client: United Cycling Floor area: 1650.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Multi-Brand Store of the Year

Public Score
4.92 Function
5.06 Innovation
5.20 Creativity
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About the Project

United Cycling distributes and sells carefully chosen high-end brands for the bicycle market in Northern Europe. At the core of their business you find dedication to quality, craftsmanship and an ambition to move the industry forward. Their first ever flagship-store and showroom designed by Johannes Torpe Studios reflects these underlying principles. Correspondingly part of the task was to create a place for riders of all kinds to meet up and cultivate their joined passion for the sport.

Taking its starting point in the craftsmanship behind a carbon fibre bicycle, the design blends elements from the world of technology, engineering, mechanics and community. The showroom is constructed as a chapel for the bikes – a place where they are elevated and admired for their technical superiority. It is a space that displays the power of the product and invites you to inspect, touch and admire the bicycles from all sides. The open space and transparent divisions between the functions equally allows for a full overview of the world of high performance cycling – from the physical to the technical realms.

With this project we have transformed a classic old storage facility into a conceptual retail space and HQ facility that fosters knowledge, learning and innovation and perhaps even more important, inspires people to dream.

What’s unique about it

United Cycling’s new HQ and showroom is a space that allows for a full experience of the world of professional cycling. Located in an industrial area just outside Lynge, a small town just 20 minutes from Copenhagen, with lush green forests and country roads perfect for both utility and road cycling, the location is perfect for the shop’s target customer.

Part of our tasks was to transform an old industrial building into a modern, accessible, and welcoming shop. The existing façade has been covered in white perforated aluminum plates: a material that references the lightness and precise engineering of the carbon bicycle. A large open space gives the entrance area a feeling of a public square, making it perfect for industry meet-ups and client events. Next to the main entrance a bike parking and cleaning station has been established with air pump and running water.

The showroom is constructed as a chapel for the bikes. Concrete floors, white walls, custom build illuminated product display furniture and 6 meter ceiling heights with white luminous ceiling panels creates a feeling of standing in a sci-fi laboratory. Mounted on one wall is a customized illuminated display for 8 bikes and mounted in the ceiling are five pentagrams that elegantly display a selection of bicycle prototypes. By the click of one button they can be lowered down for an inspection by the costumer. It is a display of technical superiority merged with old fashioned craftmanship. Just like the bicycles.

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Location of project:
Johannes Torpe Studios

Hede Consulting

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