Shinzo, Paris

Designed by: Bonsoir Paris
For client: Shinzo Floor area: 250.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Multi-Brand Store of the Year

Public Score
4.60 Function
4.69 Innovation
4.70 Creativity
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© Ophélie Maurus

About the Project

Shinzo is a 250 sqm multi brand store located in Paris. The store environment is punctuated by experiential touch points, making the visit memorable. Each space offers an interactive display, designed to correspond to each room's state of mind. A real confrontation of diverse universes in the same space exists, each space being a scene in which we play with the presentation of the products, the interactions with the public, the materials and the lighting of the space.

What’s unique about it

This interior is a key piece for our studio’s work, not only because it represents the biggest space we’ve been given until today, but mostly because it combines our taste for architecture and technology. We’ve been involved at every scale of the project, from the interior design, to every piece of furniture including all their details and every bit of technology created for the store. In this plural space, housing multiple ambiances and purposes, our aim was to build a visual link with a certain consistency through the use of materials, experiences and services. This project united a large spectrum of protagonists like designers, architects, engineers, construction specialists, etc…

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"The Temporary Zone": the conclusion of the consumer journey. This space acts as a modular, experiential zone to host events, product launches, and ephemeral narratives.

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"The Heritage Zone": dedicated to classic pieces of the streetwear wardrobe, the space has been designed with a scenographic approach. Products are displayed as timeless, iconic objects staged in the style of a museum collection.

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The room hosts an interactive piece of sneaker history : 3D prints of original sneakers, using RFID chips, trigger video contents on a screen when placed over the central receptive shelf. Consumers are able to view and understand each iconic sneaker model

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On another corner of the space, an exploration station examines sneakers as if they were science results. Two cameras capture macroscopic details of the products as they move around them. The live recording is broadcasted on screens into the store.

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"The Lab": second space of the journey is the Lab, where product innovations are shown. A clinical environment where products are presented as scientific studies. The center piece is a 360 rotative device on 3 levels, able to compose, via an dedicated app

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"The Corridor": this is an intimate and cozy space, reference to the world of jewelry. A sensory and discovery experience where the product is presented in a jewel glass case. This is where we find the services area as the cash desk and the fitting room.

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"The Outdoor": the first space the consumer enters is an extension of the street into the shop. It plays with hijacked pieces of urban furniture that become displays. This area hosts a "buy and collect" piece of furniture. Consumers are able to order onli

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There is a double lecture of the space : from the street, the consumer can understand the organisation thanks to a transversal view of the space when looking through the shop front window. Once in the shop, a corridor leads to every room for a separate le

Location of project:
Bonsoir Paris

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