CES 2018, Las Vegas

Designed by: Cheil Germany MDLab
For client: Samsung Floor area: 3300.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Trade-Fair Stand of the Year

Public Score
5.22 Function
5.19 Innovation
5.14 Creativity
Mdlab Ces Samsung 2018 09

About the Project

In the context of Samsung closing the gaps to provide an ecosystem where every product can be linked to another via AI, Cheil-MDLab was challenged once more with the task of designing the 3,300 sqm booth of the consumer electronics brand for the CES in January 2018.
Together with Cheil in Korea, a design concept had to be developed that highlights innovation as a core value of the Samsung brand and underlines the vision to connect all Samsung products by 2020. Opposed to previous exhibitions, the products where shown in groups, not sorted by category, but by possible connectivity scenarios.

Featuring the city as the “natural habitat” of connectivity, innovation and the global center of modern life, Cheil-MDLab created an urban theme using abstract building blocks which were composed of light and media screens.
The impressive “Skyline” that formed the main entrance to the booth linked media contents with the spatial gesture of the city, staging everyday life use cases of product connectivity. Entering the exhibition, the visitors could interact with the Samsung products and learn about their intelligent use in each of the city blocks.

What’s unique about it

The complex topic of seamless connectivity is successfully communicated using a contemporary and minimalistic design language that is carried consistently throughout all touchpoints of the booth.
As all the complexities of our life culminate in the city, it is a perfect analogy for this very topic of seemingly endless connection opportunities.
Media contents that are perfectly tailored to fit the architecture create the introduction to the booth, which is basically composed out of media and light, providing a framework to the product experiences. The boundaries between the physical and the digital world are getting blurred.
The “Skyline” at the entrance is impressive, playful and informative at the same time. It is inviting the visitor to immerse into the topic of connected devices.

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Location of project:
Cheil Germany MDLab

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