Designed by: J.H Architecture
For client: MOLLY CLUB Floor area: 300.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Bar of the Year

04 Molly Club
© Ming Chen

Entrance 2

About the Project

Press the small button on the wall, the mirror door slowly opens and enters another world hidden behind the door. Through the light forest of mirror stainless steel and light, we can get into the hall. The building of the hall, we hope to present a sense of time disorder visually. The soft structure lines often appear on the curved top of religious buildings, while in MOLLY they are close to the heads of drinkers. With modern geometric lighting and wild plants that mimic the natural growth of ruins, we hope these scenes under the influence of alcohol can help customers forget the troubles in office buildings, immerse themselves in the pleasure brought by music, and the strange and novel space. We built a narrow staircase into a steep canyon, which added a touch of intimacy to the people passing by. The mirror at the end of the stairs is like a sunset, making the process of descending the stairs become a walk in the valley.

The VIP area on the second floor has the best view of the whole hall space. Every action performed by DJ and rapper can be seen clearly.

What’s unique about it

This project is located in the Wuhan Chuhe Hanjie Commercial Street, with a private restaurant on the left and a graphic printing shop on the right. The whole street is full of all kinds of eye-catching advertising light boxes, which have different shapes and colors, most businesses are trying their best to highlight the storefront signboard. On the contrary, we used small logo combined with ambiguous red lights to make MOLLY a low-key presence in this street full of life.

Since MOLLY's target customer group is young people at present, the storefront signboard that inspires association can win the favor of young customers more than the one that directly discloses product information. We have dug out a space for outdoor, not only to make the connection between indoor and outdoor more closely, but also to accommodate passers-by to shelter from rain and rest. The folding doors in the form of round holes can be fully opened in summer, and neon and music in the interior spill more outdoors in an instant.

There is an independent DJ system in the compartment area, which plays different music from the hall and does not interfere with each other. In the afternoon, the space will turn on a warm yellow light and become a restaurant. In the evening, it will be covered by red light, which will create ambiguous atmosphere and become an independent reservation area mainly for drinking.

01 Doorhead Molly Club
© Ming Chen


02 Doorhead2 Molly Club
© Ming Chen

Doorhead 2

03 Entrance Molly Club
© Ming Chen


05 Molly Club
© Ming Chen

The hall

06 The Hall2 Molly Club
© Ming Chen

The hall 2

07 The Hall3 Molly Club
© Ming Chen

The hall 3

08 Lobby Sofa Area Molly Club
© Ming Chen

Lobby sofa area

09 Sofa Area Molly Club
© Ming Chen

Sofa area

10 Dining Area On The Second Floor Molly Club
© Ming Chen

Dining area on the second floor

J.H Architecture

Rui Yang

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