Love & Other

Designed by: Touch Design
For client: Panacea Pilates Floor area: 300.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Health Club of the Year

05 Love & Other
© Yuhua Kou

Dining area

About the Project

At the beginning of the design, we considered such necessary areas as rest area, dressing area, storage area, toilet, bathroom and vegetarian beverage area, so that people gathered here for training can enjoy comfortable physical and mental relaxation besides regular exercise.

There are two layers of space in this case. The first layer is Pilates public training area, leisure area and vegetarian beverage area. We combine the check-out and consultation functions of the reception desk with vegetarian beverage area to make the movement line in the space more reasonable and make the staff more efficient. The second floor is mainly the equipment area and private teaching area. In addition, we integrate the dressing area, storage area, toilet and bathroom to maximize the use of each inch of space while meeting all the needs of trainers.

In the design of the ceiling of the whole space, we mostly use white latex paint to finish the original top surface, with the exquisite feeling of stainless steel stairs, partition walls and dining tables, plus the neutral and non-textural panDOMO floor, so that the whole space reflects a special strength of beauty, making people look so clean and comfortable.

What’s unique about it

Most of us try to make ourselves better for the people we like, and the process of transformation, perhaps is our best appearance. This Pilates studio is designed to make people stronger and better through sports. Just like the movie "Love & Other Drugs", we hope that everyone who plays here can get the "Drug" through Pilates, which can change our living conditions and quality of life.

The first Pilates studio in Tianjin designed by Touch Design, has broken the usual established mindset. Because we want to distinguish Pilates studio from the ordinary gym, and combine sports and style to design with primitive, natural, exquisite and modern sports elements. Therefore, in the design process, we chose exquisite stainless steel as the main material, with exposed white ceilings, and panDOMO floor, to plan another kind of stretching space for trainers, so that everyone can enjoy the pure and cool sports space after training.

Visual impact is more likely to affect people's psychological feelings, so whether on the first or second floor, we all have designed super-large mirrors on the necessary walls. Through the reflection of the mirror, the tension of the whole space is enlarged and the sense of space is more intense. The bathroom and storage and dressing area choose pink and blue as the main colors, so that people who are going to train or finish training can relax their body and mind, and eliminate the tension and discomfort caused by sports.

01 Love & Other
© Yuhua Kou

Rest area

02 Love & Other
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Training area

03 Love & Other
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Training area 2

04 Love & Other
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Training area 3

06 Love & Other
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Training area 4

07 Love & Other
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Instrument area

08 Love & Other
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Training area 5

09 Love & Other
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Dining area 2

10 Love & Other
© Yuhua Kou

Training area 6

Touch Design

Yong Zhang, Xin Ma

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