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Designed by: D/DOCK
For client: Impraise Floor area: 2000.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Small Office of the Year

Public Score
6.01 Function
6.03 Innovation
5.94 Creativity
Ddock Impraise 03
© Alexander Sporre

The entrance is concieved as a living room, it has a welcoming feeling. We’ve created this carpet on the neutral floor, which is refleting the logo of the company. It’s very open and transparant, but the hanging panels separate the space and create a colo

About the Project

Impraise, a young tech company dedicated to empower the Human Resources Management, accommodates the growing expectations of their community. In September 2018 Impraise approached D/DOCK with a challenging request: “We are moving into our new offices within 5 months, and we would like you to design these spaces with a warm, natural atmosphere. Specific requirements? No. Take us with you in your design process and surprise us”. From the first designs to the flowers in the vases, this challenge can best be described as a great collaboration between all involved parties. The teams decided to treat the 2 floors of the new space almost like an abstract painting; floors, walls and ceilings are conceived as a white canvas where all the designed components could express their identity in the best way through the subtile colors.

The design evolved into a fresh and surprising space, almost ‘plug & play’, using ready made objects and natural material like plywood which is a daring choice. Label Furnify was involved, with their skills to source for second life furniture and sustainable fabrics. Their additions give the space an authentic feeling.

By choosing these lively colors and simple shapes, we reflect the company’s vision of ‘people and growth’. “It’s stunning in the design freshness and novelty, and it fits their budget” says Francesco Messori, Creative Director D/DOCK.

What’s unique about it

This was a unique project for D/DOCK, because we were able to support a young company reaching their high ambitions, without the availability of a corporate budget. The client gave us full freedom, which gave us a great feeling of complete creativity. One of the key-points in innovation of this project is the upcycled furniture we used. We believe circularity of furniture is a must in the current design approach and Impraise is a concrete example of this strategy. Second hand chairs, table tops and table legs, plywood reused in fixed furniture and recycled material which came from the construction site. The beauty of this project is in fact the essentiality of the design, the clean shapes and the powerful combination between the colorful patterns in the custom carpets (also designed by D/DOCK) and the subtile colors.

Ddock Impraise 27
© Alexander Sporre

This is the heart of the office, the place where all the employees meet. The wall is like a kitchen wall, which can be personalized and which makes you feel welcome and feel like the owner of the place. It’s semi-closed, so it’s like a community kitchen.

Ddock Impraise 34
© Alexander Sporre

In the office there are different types of spaces where one can work, depending what you have to do. These are the focus booths, using the separations to make the booth a bit more comfy. See here the same application of the plywood and second hand legs.

Ddock Impraise 24
© Alexander Sporre

The community kitchen is connected with the cafeteria, which is playful and flexible, with these movable blocks on wheels. The blocks can be used for the lunch or presentations or team meetings. All the furniture is in plywood, in particular the table top

Ddock Impraise 16
© Alexander Sporre

Storage of things is always an issue, one wants to avoid a mess. In these custom made closets, we included two niches where you can go inside, close the curtains and read a book and find your own moment of relaxation.

Ddock Impraise 07
© Alexander Sporre

This cabinet can be used as a high desk for individual work. The separation is not with a wall but with the panels again. These stools are second hand.

Ddock Impraise 25
© Alexander Sporre

Here you see the open space and the big carpet under the desk and our hanging table, with the greenery integrated in the design.

Ddock Impraise 13
© Alexander Sporre

Meeting room. On this floor there are 3 closed meeting rooms, same plywood application and second hand legs. Custom made carpet. We wanted to use sufficient greenery in the office, and here we integrated the plants into the closet so it’s not ‘plants put

Ddock Impraise 17
© Alexander Sporre

Detail of the niche with the curtains.

Ddock Impraise 38
© Chiara Caselli (designer)

In this axonometry you can see the cafeteria area and the community kitchen are connected, also with the movable high table in between. It offers several spots to sit (high and low)and it is welcoming. The wall finishing is covered with green felt, which

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