Black Star Car Wash

Designed by: GretaProject
For client: Black Star inc. Floor area: 1200.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Single-Brand Store of the Year

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© Mikhail Loskutov

About the Project

We had a challenging and interesting task in this project – to create a unique carwash space, resembling an art object and having a “wow” factor, but at the same time, it was crucial to save the functionality of space and provide the proper work setting for the entire facility. The concept of the interior is a transformation and refraction of simple geometry of space by the shape of the pattern. The idea is performed by the combination of the dark graphite color, bright calligraphy composition, and light installations. Taking into account the facility function CARWASH and inspired by WYNWOOD in Miami, we created a special calligraphy pattern that consists of regularly repeated client’s label name BLACK STAR. Graphic and at the same time geometric pattern creates a memorable setting and expands enclosed space visually.

What’s unique about it

We gave the exact answer to combining the functionality of an industrial space with an art object, hand-made art and the Black star brand

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