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FREITAG Sweat-Yourself-Shop, Zurich

Designed by: FREITAG
For client: FREITAG Floor area: 80.50 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Single-Brand Store of the Year

Public Score
5.94 Function
5.84 Innovation
5.89 Creativity
Freitag Sweat Yourself Shop Workspace Rgb Roland Taennler
© Roland Tännler

Customer workshop

About the Project

We’re extending production chains all the way to the storefront: For the first time, visitors can make their own one-of-a-kind truck-tarp bags.

In the past, FREITAG lovers have simply chosen their unique bag at a FREITAG Store, or on FREITAG’s Online Store. From now on, FREITAG is transferring the final stages of production and the entire responsibility for the bag’s design to future owners, in our newly converted micro-factory. The sheer amount of color choices for tarp pieces that go into the F718 BUH shopper will probably have our part-time bag makers in the new Sweat-Yourself-Shop perspiring more heavily than the production work itself.

For our newly converted micro-factory we followed a very functional and industrial approach to design the space. Machines and tools visualize the last steps of the production process of a FREITAG bag. The colors of the space and furniture are held in different shades of grey, with some highlights of machines and tools in our CI-color industrial green.
The frosted glass elements are structuring the space and generate a play of blurry color spots from the hidden tarps and make customers keen to move the conveyor and discover what’s behind. This neutral environment stages the colorful palette of our tarps and provides a strong visual to the exterior. The display windows are kept free to frame this image.

What’s unique about it

With the new shop, customers can get further involved by assembling their bag to their own taste and getting involved in the final production steps - thus the name Sweat-Yourself-Shop. This downtown location is our lab — our experimental space where we can try out new concepts. In this case we were looking for a unique pilot retail experience to reduce used truck tarp leftovers from our factory in Zurich Oerlikon and at the same time meet the need of our fans for individual customization.

Freitag Sweat Yourself Shop Button Rgb Roland Taennler
© Roland Tännler

Under the friendly eye of the Shop Crew, you first switch on the conveyor system and then, no matter how good (or bad) your taste, you’ll pick out a front and back side, a bottom for your bag, a pair of handles and….

Freitag Sweat Yourself Shop Sewing Rgb Roland Taennler
© Roland Tännler

After you’ve stamped the CI-compliant brand mark onto the tarp using a supersonic welding machine, you hand over your pieces to the experienced F-Crew to be sewn and riveted immediately. Then, your job is done—so we’ll give you an after-work drink to enjo

Freitag Sweat Yourself Shop Punching Rgb Roland Taennler
© Roland Tännler

….and round it off with a punching machine.

Freitag Sweat Yourself Shop Pouch Design Rgb Roland Taennler
© Roland Tännler

Using a cutter and a plexiglass template, you’ll use that cut-off to create an external pouch, …

Freitag Sweat Yourself Shop Selection Rgb Roland Taennler
© Roland Tännler

...finally, a bold patterned tarp cut-off left over from the FREITAG factory in Zurich Oerlikon.

Freitag Sweat Yourself Shop Night 03 Rgb Roland Taennler
© Roland Tännler

Wait till it's moving...

Freitag Sweat Yourself Shop Night 01 Rgb Roland Taennler
© Roland Tännler
Freitag Sweat Yourself Shop Banner Rgb Roland Taennler
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