1Rebel Victoria

Designed by: Studio C102
For client: 1Rebel Floor area: 670.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Health Club of the Year

Public Score
4.85 Function
4.95 Innovation
5.03 Creativity
Ggardner 1 R Vicoria Studio C102 01 Main A
© Gareth Gardner

Reception and Bar

About the Project

Studio C102’s fifth 1Rebel, at London Victoria, UK, is the most radical yet. The client’s brief for each has been to create unique and contextual spaces, while maintaining a consistent brand experience. At the heart of the design at Victoria was the client’s ambition to offer the UK’s first multi-tier cycling auditorium.

Inspired by visionary avant-garde architecture of the 1960s, the 670m2 boutique fitness studio makes maximum use of its ‘contextless’ environment within a new-build development.

A metal-clad spaceship appears to have crash-landed into the triple height space. The dramatic intervention contains the three-tier cycling auditorium, counterbalanced by a glowing vertical circulation shaft. The auditorium’s shimmering skin of aluminium mesh backlit by programmable circular light fittings forms the backdrop for a mirror-polished bar/reception, waiting area and retail space.

Inside the acoustically-isolated auditorium, the instructor performs on a scissor lift allowing them to be raised up as far as mezzanine level. The podium is illuminated by a bespoke laser semi-cyclone light fitting with a backdrop of a 9sq m LED video wall. The entire space is filled with music from a cutting-edge surround sound system.

What’s unique about it

1Rebel Victoria breaks new boundaries in the design of boutique fitness spaces, with the UK’s first multi-tier cycling auditorium, with an 80 person capacity, incorporating truly state-of-the-art audio-visual technology.

The lack of inspirational context at the Victoria site allowed Studio C102 free rein in developing a design that is as arresting as it is functional, a piece of playful ‘event’ architecture that supports 1Rebel’s aim of attracting a wider audience than a traditional gym. The venue delivers fitness classes as entertainment, allowing customers to socialise while simultaneously improving their health and fitness.

Sustainability was also a key consideration throughout the design process. The water station encourages use of refillable bottles, minimising the use of single-use plastic. The architectural specification included studio flooring made from recycled rubber and walls clad with wood-wool acoustic insulation panels. The space is conditioned using heat exchangers to minimise energy use.

Ggardner 1 R Vicoria Studio C102 10
© Gareth Gardner

Female changing room : Lockers

Ggardner 1 R Vicoria Studio C102 09
© Gareth Gardner


Ggardner 1 R Vicoria Studio C102 03 A
© Gareth Gardner

Studio waiting area with water station

Ggardner 1 R Vicoria Studio C102 08
© Gareth Gardner

First Floor walkway

Ggardner 1 R Vicoria Studio C102 07
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Ggardner 1 R Vicoria Studio C102 06
© Gareth Gardner

Staircase approach with electromagnetic flip-dot display

Ggardner 1 R Vicoria Studio C102 05
© Gareth Gardner

Ride Studio : View from the balcony

Ggardner 1 R Vicoria Studio C102 04
© Gareth Gardner

Ride Studio : Instructor podium

Ggardner 1 R Vicoria Studio C102 02
© Gareth Gardner


Studio C102

Constant Structural Design

Durham Marenghi Lighting Design

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