Designed by: Jo Nagasaka/Schemata Architects
For client: nine hours Floor area: 891.57 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Hotel of the Year

09 ℃ Gotanda 071
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We designed the new business model by the reuse of the conventional capsule hotel.

About the Project

In this project, we reinterpreted the existing context during the dismantling process of the old capsule hotel and occasionally appropriated or gave new meanings to what we found on the site as we proceeded with the design. We chose beige, the color on the existing capsules, as the basic color of the space and removed unnecessary things as much as possible.

Capsules on the upper floor are reused as they are, while the impression of the old-fashioned interior was totally renewed by removing the existing wall paper and placing new signs.
The cave-like space with niches on the basement floor, which had been used as a public bath, was renovated into a sauna area equipped with new shower features including Warm Pillar.

What’s unique about it

Informal and relaxing spaces were created by thoroughly stripping down unnecessary things while making the best of the existing capsules and spatial characteristics, with an aim of creating unique characteristics like no other capsule hotels in the past.

05 ℃ Gotanda 046
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A shower room is creatively designed in the process of dismantling the existing building.

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The project is characterized by the bareness of wood and concrete finish as well as the simplicity of interior design.

02 ℃ Gotanda 030
03 ℃ Gotanda 037
04 ℃ Gotanda 044
07 ℃ Gotanda 054
08 ℃ Gotanda 063
10 ℃ Gotanda 008
Location of project:
Schemata Architects


Thermarivm Co., Ltd.




Hiromura Design Offiice

Design studio S

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