Michelberger Hotel

Designed by: Jonathan Tuckey Design
For client: Nadine & Tom Michelberger Floor area: 1133.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Hotel of the Year

Public Score
4.27 Function
3.95 Innovation
4.22 Creativity
191 Po Lr 27
© Philipp Obkircher

A multilayered space. Bed, kitchenette, jacuzzi and sauna. Hideout Suite.

About the Project

The hotel occupies a former light industrial building that dates from 1903. It is located within the district of Friedrichshain, an area formed around manufacturing and built when the railway and waterworks were opening in the late 19th Century.

The fourth floor of the Michelberger Hotel was formerly used as office space but it has been radically overhauled as a calm refuge from the hustle and bustle of Berlin city life. As the hotel evolves, the addition of a new floor provides the opportunity to offer more rooms to a growing number of guests, creating a better balance between private and social spaces.

Timber screens subtly partition open-plan spaces and offer views through the rooms and into different areas. These were inspired by an S-Bahn signal box opposite the hotel, that appears as a piece of furniture within the city landscape.

In contrast to the arborescent upper portions of the rooms, a series of datums have been introduced into the lower level. The material, textural and chromatic character of these datums attempt to describe the rooms in terms of ground, plinth, firmament and canopy.

What’s unique about it

The driving factor for the success of the new floor at the Michelberger Hotel was the client’s open-minded attitude and intuition in picking their designer by approach rather than past experience.

The practice was selected for its work on private houses and particularly the way that we adapt existing buildings, creating unique yet distinctly intimate architecture. Our inexperience in this sector became a special advantage as the team brought an entirely fresh approach.

Our knowledge and passion for research allowed us to interrogate the rich vein found in Berlin’s urban motifs. The urban grain was interpreted as a series of objects which we designed to divide spaces within the hotel, developing a sense of scale and articulation.

The unique environments we created, toy with perspective, depth and light. Moments of delight manifest in the layering of domestic-scale rooms and materials over the Michelberger’s original features, without concealing the vast open floor plate with its enormous windows and sculptural beams.

The result is a series of sober and reflective spaces that will mature in tandem with their guests, expressing a type of luxury found in the liberal allocation of space and a sense of tranquillity.

191 Po Lr 34
© Philipp Obkircher

A view across the courtyard to the new fourth floor.

191 Po Lr 29
© Philipp Obkircher

Optical games - Wooden palisading, panels, mirror and custom robe hook. Courtyard Room.

191 Po Lr 12 Copy
© Philipp Obkircher

Window seat, bed and a mirrored portal. Warshauer Strasse Suite.

191 Po Lr 28
© Philipp Obkircher

A place for study, leading into the washing and dressing space. Courtyard Room.

191 Po Lr 13
© Philipp Obkircher

A view to the city beyond and the S-Bahn Box.

191 Po Lr 30
© Philipp Obkircher

Sleeping and sitting area. Courtyard Room.

191 Po Lr 23
© Philipp Obkircher

Dressing area as part of the 'four-post' bed. Hideout Suite.

191 Po Lr 20
© Philipp Obkircher

'Four-post' bed crowned with mirror. Hideout Suite.

191 Po Lr 04
© Philipp Obkircher

Bathing and dressing space. Warshauer Strasse Suite.

Location of project:
Jonathan Tuckey design

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Michelberger Hotel

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